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Show 2.27.18: RahRah’s Revenge

Don’t be such a Snow Miser, folks!

Winter is almost over, but until then chill out with the latest podcast from Ghosts of the Stratosphere!



On this week’s show:

The rookie, Zach Josebeck, joins Andy Larson and Rob Stewart for his Rookie Top 10 list of “The Greatest Members of the Justice League of America”.

Chad Smith joins Andy and Rob for a Read Pile review of Chuck Dixon’s chilly post apocalyptic series, Winter World, and it’s previously unreleased sequel, Winter Sea.



  1. Nice Job again, guys! Laughed my ass off. But you did Ant-Man injustice. Way cooler than Atom (which i like too), in every alias. It just depends on the writer. Spencer did an incredibly funny job , just recently, with Scott Lang and if you don’t already have it, you should get your hands on the unfortunately short Kirkman Run of Irredemable Ant-Man.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Best regars from Berlin,… Sunny


  2. Couldn’t agree more, Sunny. Ant man is a pint sized powerhouse of perfection compared to the Atom. I was a huge fan of Spencer’s recent run with Scott where he ran the security service with Grizzly and Machinesmith. Especially the Secret Wars Last Days oneshot where all the golden age heroes living in the nursing home got to be young again for a day. It was both funny and very heartfelt. Everything you want in a comic book. Thanks for your continued listening!


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