Question 1

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  1. GhostAndy says:

    I’ll start us off, with the Arcade game version of Captain America and the Avengers! SEEE MY POWER!


  2. Sunny says:

    I would go with Spider-Man 2 (Xbox, PS2). But i could imagine that the upcoming Spidey-Game for the PS4 will claim that throne…
    As you know i am a Marvel Puzzle Quest adict too, but i would call it more of a curse, than a game…

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    1. GhostAndy says:

      Yeah, that Spidey 2 game for PS2 was insanely good. I remember being a younger pup getting home from a really terrible job and just wanting the web swing for a couple hours in that game. It’s the closest I got to feeling what Peter Parker must feel at times.


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