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  1. Sunny says:

    All my favorite f4 storys occur between issue 1 and 124, so mainly the Kirby/Lee run, where it was ALL happening (Inhumans, Galactus, Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Thing versus Doom etc.). The Reason is simple : In Germany, where i live, the series was canceled with issue 124. Another publisher picked it up shortly after that, but they printed a lot of the storys in small paperbacks, giving a fiddle faddle about missing text pieces or continuity. For me, in an aera before i started collecting the US-Floppys, that was it. I still checked in of course, once in a while, but never was the series so close to the magic that was the Kirby/Lee Run (in my opinion). And it´s still a good read. I celebrated my own personal F4 revival a few years ago, reading all the old issues again. Of course they were naive and in the end, if Lee had run out of ideas, Mr. Fantastic just constructed something in a panel or two, to save the day – but it was full of fantasy and science fiction. A world where everything was possible. One of my favorite arcs must be the thing, kidnapped to space and fighting in some kind of arena versus Torgo (german name, i don´t know if its the same in the US). But there were so many beautiful things coming of the pages of that Aera. The Cocoon (Warlock) would be another great example in an endless appearing list.

    Now, with Disney buying Fox and bringing the F4 movie rights back to Marvel, i am so looking forward for a new F4 ongoing! I would put it on my pull list immediately. As for the movies : Another reboot would´nt be a bad thing either, if done right. I personally would take the setting of a new movie to the same aera the Kirby/Lee run was made. Old New York in the swinging sixties. Men wearing suites and hats, smoking pipes and cigars and talking about space travel in the leather chairs of their exclusive science societys. A time where everybody where looking up to the stars, expecting all kinds of wonders. That would be a dream come true.

    Just recently i rewatched the first (or second, if you count the Corman-produced mess) movie from 2005. Back then i liked it not too much, just like the majority of the nerds who watched it. But i have to say i was wrong somehow. It is absolutely enjoyable, apart maybe the very bad showdown and dooms strange powers. Watching it again, i found myself thinking, it hits the nerve of what the F4 should be, it delivered the right spirit. Maybe not the greatest flic in hero history, but a good one nevertheless. I think it came out at a wrong time. Back in the days people who read the comics were looking very close and very critic about what was happening in the movies and every little difference between comic origin and movie script was a total taboo. Nowadays crowds are a lot more forgiving when it comes to what will work in on screen or not, even when it means to change something from the book.

    As you can see (based on the sheer length of my text) this is a very emotional topic for me 😉
    I really like the F4, and you can´t give enough credit to Lee and Kirby, for creating them. Their work is one of the most important in comic history.

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  2. GhostAndy says:

    Awesome Comment, Sunny! Seriously, as a fellow follower of the Fantastic Foursome, your passion for the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine and its First Family hits me where I live. I too love me some good old fashioned Lee Kirby especially anything from the first 50 issues. Although if I was really going to be honest, I like Byrne and Hickman’s runs a bit more now as with Byrne, Sue is given a chance to finally shine and nobody writes Reed Richards better than Hickman in my opinion.

    Keep those comments coming! We are always excited to hear your thoughts, brutha!


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