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  1. Sunny says:

    Normally, its the same in Comics as it is in TV, once 2 Lovebirds become a couple, all over sudden there is no salt anymore in the soup. Everything leading up to the point the Lovebirds finally find together can be interesting, engaging, even emotional – in fact it is most of the times, when the writing is good. But once the couple is established – that was it. From there on out is mostly pure boredom and the Characters we once loved are hardly recognizable anymore. Maybe that is even the case in real life, when i think of some of my friends 😉

    Of course, there are a few cases the togetherness works out fine. For comics, its mostly o.k. when the couple was a couple, right at the beginning, directly from the start sort of. It worked well with Reed Richards and Sue Storm in my opinion and i liked the chemistry between Hank Pym and Janet. In your Pic above you have Vision and Wanda. A very good example for an also interesting relationship, but as i wrote before, the way till they were becoming a couple was a lot more fascinating.

    So, to finally answer your question, i would say my favorite couple in comics is Spider-Man and Black Cat. For the short times they were an actual pair it was always a fun read and i really dug the dynamics between those two.

    Would i like them to be a couple permanently? God, no! I like for Spidey to have three hot neighbours again! But at times it really worked well…

    Danny “Iron Fist” Rand and Misty Knight are on a close second place, by the way…


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