Top 5 Vintage Masters of the Universe Figures I didn’t own

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Anyone worth a salt knows that there if there’s one toy line that defines my childhood, it’s Masters of the Universe. I’ve written other lists about my top 5 favorite and least favorite figures, however never did I think about a list of the toys I never got as a kid and therefore missed out on playing with.


My Mom and Dad were awesome in the fact that I was blessed with many of the Masters of the Universe figures, nearly all of them in fact. I didn’t get many vehicles, but figures and play sets, those I had in spades. My claim to fame was getting the Holy Grail of MOTU in the Eternia Play set, a prize seldom kids got. Sure I got it after it went on sale at Value City for 50 bucks years after the floor fell out of the He-man market, but I digress.

Where was I? Oh, yes, a list of the top 5 figures I never owned as a kid. Three of them are from the last series of He-man which is why many kids didn’t have them. I should count myself lucky that I had any of the other ones from those series. Many of these figures even loose cost a pretty penny on Ebay now.

5) Hurricane Hordak:

Now, I did have both the original Hordak and the even more rare Buzz Saw Hordak, but Hurricane was one variant of this evil Horde commander that alluded me. Maybe it’s ‘cause his box was a different size than the standard MOTU figure so Kaybee Toys charged more for him. Dunno. In any case, he’s at the bottom of my list because although neat looking with a better power than a lot of the variants, he still is just a fancy reprint of a previously released character.


4) Rokkon:

One of two released “Comet Warriors” from the Series 5 line of toys, this figure is much cooler looking in my opinion than the other one that I got, Stondar. Maybe its because of the color choices or the smoother rock shell to Stondar’s rugged crater filled backside.

Probably a more accurate reason however is the fact that this was one of the only MOTU figures my cousin JA had that I didn’t. And he’d really went out of his way to let me know that. Years later he then sold Rokkon with all his MOTU toys cheap at a yard sale, fueling further my welling outrage. Not only did he have the figure, he didn’t even really want it.


3) The Sorceress:

A key member of the MOTU cartoon universe, it took nearly 4 years after the cartoon first aired for Mattel to finally create a figure based on the keeper of Castle Grayskull in the final series 6 line. For years, they were happy just to let kids use the Teela figure with the Snake armor to represent the Sorceress (even though after the cartoon was released, no kid would really understand that the Sorceress was anyone other than that awesome “bird” lady).

Being released so late in the MOTU line, the Sorceress figured suffered a glut of series 5 and 4 figures still lining toy shelves and thus not having room for the newer figures, especially historically low selling figures like women. I have to admit that at the time I would have probably disregarded the toy as a “girl” if I had got it, but damn it would still have been awesome to have such an important character in my collection.


2) Blade:

One of the three Series 6 figures released to promote the He-man Motion picture, I did have an opportunity to pick up this figure originally during a trip to Children’s Palace in 4th grade. Instead I picked up Saurod instead because I didn’t have a figure like that one, and Blade looked too much like Tri-klops to me (and you all know how sacred Tri-klops is and was).

Its a shame really, as this figure really fits as a bounty hunter/pirate type swordsman which my collection sorely misses. I don’t know if I would have made a different choice back in the day and selected Blade instead, but I would have definitely traded the crappy Gwildor figure I got later for him. Man, do I hate that figure…


1) Scare Glow:

Yes, I know I was blessed with many figures that most kids never had. Rare ones too, like Clamp Champ, Ninjor, and Mosquitor. But if there was one vintage MOTU action figure I would really love to have, its gotta be this creeptacular warrior.

Scare Glow had everything. Glowed in the dark, a cape, and you didn’t know if he was “the evil ghost of Skeletor” as in Skeletor died and came back to haunt the living, or he was just some unearthly undead zombie demon come to eat brains and kick ass for Skeletor.

Regardless, Scare Glow again suffered from an extremely limited release due to there being shelves crammed with old He-man toys stores couldn’t sell. Thus, he’s one figure a lot of He-man kids didn’t have. A complete one with all weapons and accessories can reach up to 60 to 70 bucks on Ebay, which again speaks to his demand even these many years later.


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