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Hit ya with the horn section right out the gates on this one. Been saving this  list for just such an occasion as…well…not having any other comic related blogs to post at the moment. Sneaky little devil, ain’t I?

I have often thought that the SNES was superior in a lot of ways to the Genesis. I know many out there disagree for a variety of reasons including the lack of the extensive library the Genesis had. Yes, for all intents and purposes, the Genesis out gamed the SNES at the rate of 2:1, but for me, the SNES had the type of spit and polish to their games that I rarely found on the Genesis. Better RPGs, more engaging action and gameplay, overall brighter and more colorful graphics.

I also could be that like the SMS and NES previously, I didn’t have a SNES out the front gates. I had a Genesis mainly because my sisters loved the Sonic, and it was my older brother Dave that had the SNES. So getting to play it was regulated to holidays or summer visits to his apartment in Baltimore. So it could very well be a case of where it built up a mystique in my mind as something special.

Wrote previous posts on our Ghost Blog about my favorite Sega Master System Games, and in those I spelled out the rules for these gaming lists, so I’ll go ahead and repeat them here:

1) It had to be a game I personally did play (and preferably beat at some point)

2) It had to be a game that I would still play today (adding a real timeless quality)

3) The list is in no particular order (All these games I’d have at number 1 if I could)

4) Finally, this isn’t a list of the greatest games in terms of technical achievement or anything like that. This is a list of my favorites. So no belly aching about how Super Mario World isn’t on there. Blah Blah about how revolutionary it is…The only really Mario games I really liked were Donkey Kong and SMB 2.



This interesting cross between a hack/slash and civilization building game boasts intense graphics and excellent tuneage.

You basically play as a god who has to first crush the evil boss monster polluting an area with darkness, then rebuild devastated cities for survivors who have been huddling in basements for years, before crushing an even bigger boss that dislikes you mucking around with the status quo.

I personally played this game with my cousin JA, in which I would do the hack/slash and he’d make the cities. It was a partnership of legends.


Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past:

No real surprise here. This game is pretty much universally on everyone’s greatest SNES game lists. Still my two cents on it is that this the absolute pinnacle of the Zelda games. The Story, the top down game play, the section of items (Hookshot!), the controls, the chickens etc…I could go on and on.

They really haven’t made a Zelda game that compares with this one, and anyone that goes on and on about Oceania of Time should just shut their pie hole.


Chrono Trigger:

Again, another game that finds itself on many of the greatest SNES game lists, Chrono Trigger tackled one of the greatest “hit or miss” topics in all fiction: time travel.

Let’s face it time travel stories are either fantastically well plotted or a hot mess. There’s absolutely no middle ground. Chrono luckily does the former with style which makes it insanely great to replay over and over again. There’s like 15 endings you could possibly get based on your actions which is impressive for a 16 bit game. (Personal favorite is beating Lavos after Frog rejoins your party, but before defeating Magus. Frog will go to Magus’s castle to lay a Kermit sized smack down on the Emo Elf wizard)

I can also fondly remember the moment when I first traveled into the future and see the barren wastes that Lavos left behind. It was a cold rainy November afternoon..dark and dreary…at that moment shite got real and still gives me goosebumps.

Second best RPG on the system.


Super Castlevania IV:

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good ‘Vania, and this one has it in spades. Sure for the most part it’s just a retread of the original with updated graphics, but if something isn’t broke, there’s no need to fix it. The formula worked then and it works here.

Classic Side scrolling, fantastic level design, some crushing difficulty make this probably my second favorite ‘Vania after Castlevania 3. I’m especially fond of the whip swinging/control in this game, I mean it’s a whip…it should behave like one.


Final Fantasy III (or VI depending on your view point):

If Chrono was the 2nd best RPG on the SNES, by far this game is without a shadow of a doubt, the best. In fact I’ll go as far as saying that I didn’t play another Final Fantasy game after this one because it in essence set the standard so high for me that nothing else could compare.

The cast of characters each one given awesome back stories and powers that were unique and special, an enormous amount of game play (basically two different games Pre Kefkapocalypse and Post Kefkapocalypse), really the last game to feature the classic FF combat screen without all the fancy and distracting 3d characters.

Yep, this game is also on my list of all time favorite RPGs..period, so it really there’s not much more I can say about it other than it’s beastly epic.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite SNES Games

  1. I never got around to playing Earthbound, but I’ve heard many great things about it. Darius Twin is a decent Shump. Always good replay value there. I was always a bigger fan of Super R-type

  2. I find shmups to have good replay value, I always thought Super R-Type was hard on the SNES. Everytime you die you go back to the check-point or the beginning of the level. I’ve never played ActRaiser I’ll give that a shot one of these days.

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