WrestleMania Weekend Predictions!


It’s here! I’ve been going on about it for a few weeks, and Wrestlemania is upon us! I am a few days away from not getting to talk as much about wrestling as I’d like, thereby making Andy much happier. But, spoiler alert, I’m still going to. Maybe monthly instead […]

Bonus Show 4.6.18: Rookie Season


You get two rookies for the price of one as Zach Josebeck returns with his fiancee Ashley Lamanna to cobble together their list of the Top 10 MCU Movies and a deep dive into Alan Moore’s seminal Victorian Era All Star smash up “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” volume 1.

Movie Review for Comic Fans: Island of Lost Souls


Hey gang. Back here with more bloggy goodness. Some of you ask what the Ghosts do when we are not recording awesome podcasts or reading comics. Well, often times, we watch movies together such as the other night when we had a little mini movie night with my fellow Ghost, […]

Show 4.3.18: A Questionable Legacy

GhostAndy 1

On this week’s show:

Rookie, Zach Josebeck, returns to stump our Ghost regulars, Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, and Chad Smith with some classic comic book questions sure to spark debates and ruin lasting friendships.

Second, the gang tackles the question of who is the greatest “Legacy” comic book character in their latest Top 10 list. Is it Kamala Khan? Jon Stewart? Baron Zemo? Listen in to find out!

This Week On The Road To Rusevmania!


Well, we’re just over a week away from Wrestlemania, and I’ve really got to work on making Chad and Andy come over for that. It’s Wrestlemania! The grandest stage of them all! The showcase of the immortals! The big going-on! The happiest egg! Everyone should watch Wrestlemania. And why? Well…