8 Questions with J. Andrew Scott

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We are debuting a new Ghost Panelist on next week’s upcoming podcast, so I  decided for today’s blog, I’d spend some time interviewing him so everyone can get to know my cousin and best bud for the past 39 years, JA Scott.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know who JA is and how awesomely tight we are. For those of you that don’t know, all I have to say is we share the same name, Andrew, as we were both named for our maternal grandfather. Sure, his has a “John” in front of it, but you get the point.


We share a lot of the same pop culture tastes: from comics, to movies, to music, and despite him living a world away now in the Philippines, we still say remarkably close. Anyways, let’s get to the bread and butter of this post, JA’s Responses!

Question 1: Who is a better leader, Optimus Prime or Captain America?

JA: Captain America. First, he didn’t let Michael Bay direct his shit. Second, Optimus was always deciding things based on what Bumblebee did. He was more of a reactionary leader. Cap took the initiative. Plus, he basically had to lead a bunch of primadonnas, real type A personalities, and he still got them to do what they had to do. We’ll just ignore that whole Infinity Gauntlet thing though, he kinda dropped the ball on that one.


JA: Plus, Soundwave was way cooler than both Optimus Prime and Megatron, except in said Michael Bay film when he turned into that stupid satellite dish.

Question 2: If you were on a desert island and could only take 3 classic rock albums, which ones would they be?

JA: Definitely U2’s Joshua Tree because I was on a desert island of sorts when I was younger, stuck in the back seat on long car trips, and I played that tape on those trips until it practically broke. As for the others…ummm…gosh this is hard.

Andy: It’s not hard. It should be the first three albums to come to mind. Don’t over think this.

JA: Fine. I’ll get a lot of grief for not being original, but Led Zeppelin IV. I wanted to say something else but that album is just so good. “When the Levee Breaks” is one of the greatest songs ever. And third, Neil Young’s Live Rust.


Andy: Cause it’s got “Powderfinger” on there…

JA: Yeah, such a great great tune.

Question 3: What’s better, Lager or Ale?

JA: Lager, definitely.

Andy: Why’s that?

JA: It’s all about the yeast, baby.


Question 4: If you could be on any game show, past or present, which one would it be?

JA: Oh, Bob Barker’s Price is Right.

Andy: So you could say “1 dollar, Bob”?

JA: Yes, and be that dick that bets one dollar above the highest bid and ends up winning. I always loved that.


Question 5: In Baseball, DH or no DH?

JA: No DH. It makes for a more dramatic game. Everyone thinks the pitcher is an easy out, but I love it when one of them belts a homer over the fence. You expect Big Papi to hit homers, it’s his job. The pitcher that’s so much more unexpected, and therefore infinitely more awesome.


Question 6: Best Bond Film?

JA: From Russia With Love. It’s got everything. Exotic locales, beautiful babes, gadgets, he drives the Aston Martin.


Andy: Wait…he doesn’t drive the Aston Martin in that one. He doesn’t get that until Goldfinger.

JA: Ummm…errr..but still the locales and the babes.

Andy: There’s one locale, Istanbul, and one babe.

JA: Maybe it’s the book I’m thinking of..I just read the book..

Andy: Ok, you know what? Like a Bartender that sees a drunk struggling, you’re cut off. If you would have said Red Grant is one of the best Bond villains, then you’d be on the right track. But, no, this question is done. Aston Martin….player, please!

JA: Y’know I don’t think he drives it in the book either…

Question 7: Favorite arcade game as a kid?

JA: Easily Spy Hunter. It was a driving game and had that sweet steering wheel that was like half of one. Y’know like the one out of Night Rider that Kit had. And the music, especially when you passed a bad guy..Do do do do..

Andy: You strike me as someone that laid a lot of oil slicks in that game.

JA: I did! But I usually paid for it. It was so much hard getting in front of these clowns then just shooting them from behind with the machine gun. Died a lot trying to be extra cool.


Question 8: Best vintage Star Wars figure? And you can’t say Han Solo or Boba Fett.

JA: I wasn’t gonna say those anyways.

Andy: Really? Not even Han Solo, your boy?

JA: Nah, everyone knows there’s only one Han Solo figure worth a damn. It’s the Bespin outfit one. That figure is clutch. The rest were crap.

Andy: Yeah, that Bespin outfit one is universally renown for being the best Han Solo figure from that line. So what is the best vintage figure?

JA: The Crimson Imperial Guard figure from ROTJ.


JA: That figure was just bad ass. It had that felt robe and it looked like some sort of space ninja. The only problem was that if you tried to put him in the Darth Vader face carrying case and he was holding his staff, the staff was too long for the action figure space. So you ended up having to bend the staff to make him fit. It still bugs me to this day.

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