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Show 5.29.18: A History of Poor Choices

School’s Out, Fellas!

We’re all out seeing the New Star Wars Movie so here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to tide you over our review on next week’s regularly scheduled show!



On this week’s show:

Ghost regulars, Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, and Chad Smith tackle their first “Not Top” Ten as they let their geek rage out over the Worst Things ever done to Spider-Man.

Second, the gang reviews the Fred Van Lente’s Fantastic Funny Pages Encyclopedia Extraordinaire namely called “Comic Book History of Comics”.


  1. Normally i had to hear your podcast first, before i leave a reply, but on this i immediately have to shout “Dan Slott!” 😉

    Will skip a few shows and try to hear this within the next days (there will be more to say i sense)…

  2. Just finished the episode. You covered some ground there, guys. The Resurrection of May would be No.2 on my list, the clone saga No.3. Very nice show again. Well, it could have been longer, for there is a lot more to say about Dan Slott (he clearly is No.1 on my list).

    I agree that Slott is not a bad writer per se. He just never got the essence of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I totally enjoyed reading his superior Spider-Man for the same reasons you´ve mentioned : It was Doc Ock, not Pete. So, Kudos to Slott for redefining Ock in this very interesting ways, but as a writer who without a pause was able to shape a comic book character like Spidey over the course of several years, he failed so badly to give me something to love.

    Andy said, he was quitting on Spider-Man, during the Clone Saga. I can understand that. When i was in the same Age (some years before the Clone Saga) i was quitting comic books as a whole also. But not for any story-related reasons, just because girls, surfing, drinking and stuff like that was becoming more and more important. So, these days, in order to get girls to your place, you just had to get rid of all the nerd stuff. I also said goodbye to my beloved video games corner and build some kind of love-grove instead.

    Some years later i was traveling to the canary islands for surfing reasons, and was planning to stay there quite some time (stayed 1,5 years eventually). On the Islands at this time, it was hard to get your hands on good literature of any kind, but they had the german paperpack issues of spider-man (a horrible format, but this is a different story) , and i finally was confident enough to admit to Spider-Man and my sex driven self at the same time. So i bought a bunch of issues one evening, lit up some candles (the battery in my van was always low) and began to read…

    Like you guys, Spider-Man was always and will always be my favorite comic book character of all time. And it was magical. Sitting in my van, with the sound of the ocean waves in the background, i was meeting an old friend again. A long lost brother, which i had sorely missed. Peter Parker (it was Ann Nocenti´s Story-Line with Captain Zero by the way, great read!). Since that day, i never quit on Spidey again. It was hard sometimes, but after reading Spidey for so many years, reading so many bad stuff, more as you can mention in an 1hour episode, i always knew : Maybe now its bad, but it will get better again.

    Entering : Dan Slott.

    He nearly ruined Spider-Man for me, after all those years, much as the clone saga did for Andy. Again, like a mantra, i was thinking again and again : Maybe now its bad, but it will get better again. Maybe now its bad, but it will get better gain…“

    This month for month, year after year.

    You know, i always wanted a good spidey writer staying this long – but Slott?! Why got it to be Slott?!

    Month for month, year after year…

    …and finally i was SO close at quitting Spidey a 2nd time. I was ready to cancel Amazing Spider Man from my pull list – at least until a new writer would take over. Luckily shortly after that the announcement was made that Slott was ending his long, long, loooong run and Nick Spencer would take over.

    What a moment! I was smiling the whole day (my Wife thought i was on drugs or something). If i had to choose „my guy“ for the job, i would have chosen Spencer! I totally trust he will fix everything! (Also like Zdarskys work on Spectacular very much)

    So Slott – Slott not only ruined Spider-Man for me. You also mentioned his Silver Surfer Run. I do care for the surfer – and Slott did it again. In itself his Surfer run had some great moments and maybe one of the best endings in comic book history, but overall he just don´t get Norrin Rad/Silver Surfer. This was´nt the Silver Surfer as much as his Peter Parker was´nt Peter Parker.

    And now F4.

    I was looking forward for the return of the f4 for quite some time. I quit reading the F4 on a regular basis, many, many years ago. When Disney bought Fox i knew this was happening and i was eager to be there from the start.

    And now Slott.


    I really hope he does a better Job with marvel´s first family. I mean, this maybe could be the right title for him. Here all the stuff i hated about his Spider-Man (all the tech gimmicks and over the top action), maybe comes more naturally. Well, we will see and thats it from me about Slott for the moment.

    The last big Spider-Man wrong i have to bring up is the general direction Spidey took within the MU. Over the years he has gotten stronger and stronger and while i like „my“ Spider-Man fighting solo against his foes, like Electro, Mysterio, Venom, Dock Ock or the Lizard, it seems that nowadays a single Villain of those caliber is not enough anymore, because Spidey 2018 is very much stronger than Spidey 1970, 1980 or even 1990. Now Spidey has to be an Avenger from time to time or fighting with 2000 other Spider-People against cosmic threads. Did´nt we have other guys therefore? I really hope Spencer is taking Spidey back to his roots. Pointing him more in the Daredevil/Iron Fist/Moon Knight league direction again.

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