Evidently, I don’t understand this Interwebs thing…


Hello gang of six. On today’s edition of “getting some blog strange from the man that knows what you need”, we’ll be discussing what could be a pointless exercise but one I’m going to pursue anyways.

So everyone knows about #TBT. Throwback Thursday. Everyone that’s sweet as hell does this. Heck, even my wife participates in this internet phenomenon, and that says something. People love posting pictures of old stuff, forgotten bits of their youth and snickering at bad haircuts and people that used to tight roll their pants.



Yeah, you know who you are. Don’t even front. You loved pegging your jeans. Pegging your dress pants. I’m sure back in the 80s, someone even tight rolled their tux at their wedding.  Forever trapped on film like some 80s fashion dinosaur DNA. I want to meet that guy. Classy would be the first word that would come to mind. Maybe the guy that pegged his tux would also have pictures of him on his honeymoon in Jams…or Magnum PI little shorts. The possibilities are endless.

In any case, being one not to follow trends but to begin them, I said, let’s keep this retro train rolling. So on my Spacebook page, I posted a new meme idea. #FNV aka Friday Night Videos. My thought was for peeps to start posting old music videos from their youth.

For those of us that didn’t get MTV because we lived in the woods, Friday Night Videos on NBC was where we got our fix of the latest “A-HA” song or that strange Lionel Ritchie video for “Hello” with the ugly clay bust of said singer made by that apparent blind chick from Lionel’s acting class. Roughers.


Anyways, I started the trend by posting a video of that turrible but catchy mid 90s grunge classic by the Crash Test Dummies “Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm”. ‘Cause I thought it was fitting for the spirit of this interwebs exercise. It’s got everything you need.

A odd collection of stuff going on with some school play in front of some uncomfortable parents. The pans back to lead singer Brad Roberts who looks like he’s either pretentious enough to think humming is a good chorus for a song or he’s about to bust a gut laughing at how ridonkulous the whole hot mess is.


Anyways, within 5 minutes of posting it, my younger broseph texts me and says the following:

You know the internet created #TBT.   Are you saying you are BIGGER THAN THE INTERNET?!?“

To which I texted back:

Yes, yes in fact I am. Bigger than the Internet.

We then went on to have a conversation that would have been epic in the comments section. Mainly about me planning seeds for a meme and my brother being a negative nancy in saying I don’t understand how these interweb things work. He says you need love, good soil, and water to grow. I say you just need enough bored birds to spread the seeds to places where those conditions exist.

In the end, my brother ended the conversation with the following cryptic comment:


To which I replied:

You subreddit. I’m busy with this backhoe. Planting seeds.

I then went on to explain that this should have all been the comments section because it would have amounted to like 16 comments, which would have put it on more peoples news feeds hence like a shotgun increasing the blast spread radius. I then went on to say he’s turrible at starting things, and his answer was:

Y’know Shadowrun is on sale at Steam for 5 bucks this weekend. What else you gonna spend 5 bucks on..a Mcdouble?

To which my first thought was about lunch and how my hunger grows by the second. Then it was about the Shadowrun game they released for the SNES back in the early 90s and how that game was confusing to 7th grade Andypants and I quickly lost interest.

In the end, is my ego so huge that I think with my limited reach I can start a new internet thing with this #FNV? Maybe, but I gotta think everything has to start somewhere. Maybe someone will poke a hole in the entire premise by saying you could just make the old music video a #TBT anyways, thus eliminating the need for a separate #thingie.

To those that would say that, I answer with “What else are you gonna do on Fridays when you don’t want to work?” Do charity work, or some other worthwhile exercise…I doubt it. So post old music videos. It gives you something to waste time with..and isn’t that what it’s all about.

Besides I need proof I’m a bigger deal than this whole World Wide Web thingie.


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