Ghostly Impressions: Ant Man and the Wasp


Banner Here at the Ghosts of the Stratosphere, we like going to the movies! And then we usually make a podcast about the super hero ones! ooOooOOOOoooOoOOOO! Still, we thought it would be a nice idea to give a brief impression of what we thought of our opening night Ant Man and the Wasp viewing. Consider this a brief taste of our full review which you will be able to download in all its podcasty glory via itunes, stitcher, and googleplay this Tuesday!

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“Marvel’s recent stretch of fantastic villains comes to a screeching halt with Ghost, who is visually striking but an entirely empty character. Still, lots of fun to be had elsewhere in this romp.”




IMG_1322“After the heavy meal which was Infinity War, I was looking forward to my Ant-Man & Wasp dessert, and this movie did not disappoint in that regard. Although a little light on plot & conflict, it more than made up for it with warmth, charm, and strong characterization. Plus, it’s a great MCU movie you can take those littler Marvel fans to with a completely clear conscious. Great Family Fun!”



“If you love Paul Rudd, then this is the movie for you! Ant Man and the Wasp showcases the acting versatility of the ageless delight! The charm, the swagger, the magic, the–acting like a lady? It’s all there and it’s fun for the entire family of Paul Rudd fans!



Aunt May (Special Guest Reviewer and Ant Expert):

Aunt may

“The ants were a bit off-putting. I sure hope they clean that drum set. Otherwise, that Paul Rudd sure is dreamy. This movie made me laugh, cry, and swoon for Mr. Rudd. Maybe Michael Douglas, too. I had feelings and we’ll leave it at that. I will recommend this one to both Anna and my nephew.”





So, there you have it, folks! Go check out Ant Man and the Wasp, in theaters now!

Then, come back to the Ghosts of the Stratosphere Tuesday morning to hear our more in-depth review! Let us know your thoughts! Tweet us!

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Until then, my friends!

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