100 Posts. Shouldn’t I get some cake or something?

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Well, I got the first milestone out of the way on this new blog. Yeppers Peppers, this is my 100th post since starting this comics/pop culture blog to supplement our podcast talk a little more than 4 months ago.

For hardcore bloggers out there, this might just be a drop in a bucket, but for a dad has to find time between his real work, taking care of his growing family, sleeping, video games, sports, comic reading, playing with his toys, D&D, building a working android, developing the first cold fusion engine, working out a cardboard box that doubles as a time machine etc. blogging is way down on the list of priorities.

However, I still managed to write 100 of these damn things, and for the most part, they weren’t just flash in the pan posts. Through my Read pile blogs, I hope I’ve educated friends and fans alike with detailed reviews of whatever comic books I was tearing through recently. I also wrote some good list blogs about the best Arcade games and what Masters of the Universe toys are worth a damn.

So it’s not like I’ve posted a picture or sentence or worst yet, reblogged other peoples insights here and called that one of my blogs. Not that there’s anything wrong with reblogging things, says the guy who has had his posts reblogged elsewhere multiple times, but it’s just not what our blog is about. We at, Ghosts of the Stratosphere, pride ourselves on getting real content out there to the masses and making lasting contributions to the ongoing discussion of nerdy delights, not just agreeing with others contributions.

In retrospect, I really don’t know whether me blogging so often has helped in the least to push our little dream of a better life through comics into the collective hearts of more readers, but like any good doctor at least I did not harm. And I guess that’s all I can really hope for.

Trust me, I found out a long time ago, that getting people to read a blog is insanely difficult. They either have to be interested in the topic you are discussing, or you have to make mention of them to appeal to their bottomless vanity. Only a very small number of readers will actually read your blog for your own insights and tone, and unfortunately some of those are usually the creepy ones that hide in darkened staircases with scissors and a rope. Why those things you ask? Obviously for hog tying you up and cut a couple of your armpit pubes in hopes of cloning an army of dullards to make cheap knock off suitcases.


Yeah, that would pretty much be me in that clone army. The dude facing the completely wrong way. No, I don’t mean the guy just looking to the side, that guy is just checking out the cute clone cheerleader on the sidelines. I mean that one guy in row 4 that’s completely looking the wrong direction. That’s me in life. Clone 4322. Born to be bass ackwards.

But in any case, it’s a rough job blogging so often like this, and there have been many days when I’ve been downright discouraged. Maybe that’s because I’m not sure who is really reading this damn thing and its hard throwing messages in virtual bottles and sending them a drift in the cybersea. Sincerely, there’s nothing worse as a blogger than a lack of comments, likes, or other forms of adoration and praise. In fact, I toyed with the idea of posting “Troll” like comment bait like “Why I think the show Gotham sucks” or “Why Picard smells like rotten cabbage”, but I feel those blogs would be cheating. That and the fact they would be untrue as I’ve never watched Gotham and I’m sure Patrick Stewart smells more of french fries and old tea, than cabbage.

In one of my older blogs, I used to score cheap website hits with a segment I used to call “Boobs for your Monday” or “Tuesday” or “Sunday” (yikes, that definitely made the local church groups nervous) .

Yep, back in the day, I used to post blogs with some of the pics being nothing more than boob meat smooched together until the chicks chest looks like some sort of lopsided cyclops. And typically those were the pics that would accompany the repost when it appears on Facebook, and that was sure to stir up all kinds of discussions such as “Why is Andy such a male chauvinistic pig?” or “Who would marry this jerk?” or “Why aren’t more of his posts about tig old bitties instead of Batman or some other stupid geek shite he writes about?” And in the end, all of those were completely valid discussions and I’m glad that I had some little part in making them possible. I for one have a tremendous ego and I used to think as long as people are talking about things I do, well, what else is there?

But then I had a daughter, and well, I grew up a bit, and started pulling a Reed Richards, in trying to be all respectable with what I put out there for the masses to see. So obviously, “Boobs for your Blank Day” would not be making an appearance on the Ghosts of the Stratosphere site right?


You’ve learned your lesson and you’ve grown into being a respectable father of two with a healthy appreciation for the opposite sex as equals and…


Nah, that still feels good.

Sure, it’s more of an “A” shot than a “T” shot, but you still get my point. Yep, I’m just a smutty old man at my comic book heart, and I do love me some good old fashioned comic book cheesecake. And when it comes to that, Frank Cho has always been my guy. I love his art regularly, but he really shines with some of these faux covers. They blend two of my favorite things together in terms of the curvy female form and sophomoric humor. It’s like watching a Benny Hill sketch. It never gets old!

Big Props, Mr. Cho, I’m a huge, huge fan of your work! Hopefully one day I’ll get to meet you at a Comic con and buy you the biggest beer I can find in gratitude for some of these great pieces of art which never cease to bring a big goofy grin to my face. (here’s hoping you aren’t like my Ghost cohost, Stew, and you actually drink beer…otherwise…a glass of tap water, maybe?)

Given this post is somewhat of an introspective look back though, I’ve decided to really put my cards on the table as it were as ask those that do read my posts here at Ghosts of the Stratosphere to vote on what kind of blogs they like the most. Not that I’m going to do immediately follow your instructions mind you, like a lemming blindly diving off a cliff at because my internet overlords decreed it. But, it would be nice to at least know if my audience and I are on the same page. It never hurts to communicate each others needs, so please take a moment and vote below on what you feel are your favorite kind of posts to read here on Ghosts of the Stratosphere.

Finally, I thought I’d spend a few moments of this 100th blog post with another picture of the Masters of the Universe miniatures I’ve been painting. Again you know the drill: Took Reaper miniatures that remotely looked like MOTU characters, painted them, yadda yada. This particular one is a Man At Arms I made from some space marine looking jabroni.


Yes, I did paint a mustache on him as well, making it publicly known that I support the cartoon version of Duncan, rather than the clean shaven one of the original action figure.

Fun fact about that, did you know that Man at Arms wasn’t originally supposed to have a mustache in the cartoon either? Nope, he was supposed to look like the figure, but when the TV execs took a look at the drawings, he didn’t look “fatherly” enough. So they gave him the ‘stash to “old” up his character more. Because nothing says stern father figure than mustache rides. Unless you are Freddy Mercury, then it just means tight jeans and power ballads.

And with that, it’s time to look forward to the next 100 blogs and where my personal entries on the Ghosts will go from here. Probably the same place its always been: A 39 year old man going on and on about stuff he should have stopped caring about when he was 14.

But hey who knows? Maybe I’ll get that cardboard box time machine working finally and we’ll have Albert Einstein on the blog to talk about what he thinks of modern day comics. Personally, I think he’d be a big fan…but that’s just me.

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