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Show 7.24.18: California Conning



We may not have attended SDCC this year, but you can bet your sweet boots we’re going to talk about it!



On this week’s show:

The Ghosts head editor, Ethan Larson, makes his first podcast appearance as he joins his brother Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, and Chad Smith for a extended recap of some of the major developments and reveals that came out of San Diego Comic Con this year!

From the DC Streaming Service, to Marvel Movie News, Shazam, Amazing Spiderman, Batman with Guns, and a James named Gunn, we got you covered with this SDCC Extravaganza! Plus Japanese Wrestling news just because we can!

Make sure to pick up a copy of the novel written by this week’s guest on Amazon Today!


Seer (The Plainwalker Series) By E.C. Larson

In the sleepy rural town of Ference, Pennsylvania lurks a dark, terrifying secret…evil creatures known as Plainwalkers that appear as ordinary people, but feast on the flesh of the living. Only those known as Seers can see past their lies and reveal their true form. Sixteen-year-old Seer Aubrey Collins must unravel the mystery of these creatures, and protect her family as the Plainwalkers threaten her school, her town, and her life.

The BONE-CHILLING, riveting first novel in the Plainwalker Series is here! SEER travels back to 1998, where a terrible scourge has befallen the small rural town of Ference, PA, and only Aubrey Collins, her sister Stacey Rae, and a boy named Tuck stand between the Plainwalkers and their prey…humans.

For more information about the author, follow him on Twitter @eclarsonbooks

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