Bonus Show 8.31.18: Foursome Fantastic


It’s the Ghost Tribute to the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine as we share our thoughts and views on Marvel’s First Family, The Fantastic Four!

Plus, Andy Larson and Rob Stewart battle it out in a school yard brawl as the FF battles the Teen Titans in a no holds barred verison of “Capture the Flag”.

Finally, the gang read pile reviews Chip Zdarsky’s recent run on Marvel Two-in-One!

Stew’s Reviews: Hawkeye

Not BAMF 2

As of this writing, Marvel’s most recent event story, Secret Empire has concluded, and the sentiment seems to be… poor. I did not read it; I have a bad habit of only buying comics in trade because then I can cherry-pick stories that I have already heard good things about. […]

Show 8.28.18: Death by Dysentery

GhostAndy 1

Zach Josebeck returns to the show to attempt to stump our regular Ghost Hosts with some Rookie Questions! We got talk about Captain Marvel, What Superpower is the best, and is Adamantium really the strongest metal ever?

Second, the Ghostly group talks about comic movies that you might have forgotten about in recent years? Remember Mystery Men? The Rocketeer? Meteor Man? We’ll help jog your memory!

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia – A Review


Hello there, Ghost Nation! We have something new lined up for you today. It’s not quite a Stew’s Review… it’s more like an interlude in that series. Stew’s Interludes? …Yep, we’re going with that until I come up with something better. Inter…. interstewdes? No, that’s not it; that’s abysmal. I’ll […]

Tattoo Stew


Here at the Ghosts of the Stratosphere, we sometimes love comics so much that we have to get them permanently printed on our bodies!     Do you have a comic related tattoo? If you do, leave us some pictures in our comment section!   SHOW US YOUR TATS!   […]

Stew’s Reviews: World’s Finest


It’s been a while! I mean, not for you. The nice thing about writing these in bunches is that even though it’s been a few weeks since I penned (boy, that’s an archaic term. Computed, maybe? But that means something else. Computered? Going with “computered”) volume nine of this series, […]

Show 8.21.18: Bermuda Bungalows

GhostAndy 1

Three Segments for the price of one as Andy, Rob, and Chad first try to build a street level super hero baseball team to save Planet Earth!

Second, the Ghosts name their Top 10 Superhero teammates that could never cut it in a solo book.

Finally, Chad and Rob debate whether Batman or Batman’s Supporting Cast are the superior character!