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A not-so-well-kept secret of Ghosts of the Stratosphere is that I am the man behind our Twitter account. If you are chatting with a Ghost (big G!) on Twitter, it’s most likely me. If you are chatting with a ghost (little g!) on Twitter, you have bridged the great divide, and you need to come back! No, don’t listen to what they are telling you! Hey… hey! No, you can’t go! They are trying to trick you! It’s all…

Oh, good, you’re okay. Whew.

ANYWAYS, I’m the Twitter man here at the G.O.T.S. Occasionally Andy or Chad will pop in to say some thing here or there–usually on things I have already commented on, and it just makes me look schizophrenic when they do (Andy has, thankfully, created his own Twitter to handle this matter with more subtlety. Now I look less crazy on Twitter). And as the Twitter Man, I like to pose questions to Ghost Nation in the form of polls and interact with our respondents. In today’s article, I’m going to talk about some of our more recent polls and your responses to them! Haven’t you ever wanted to be in an official, crazy popular Ghosts of the Stratosphere article? Now you may be! Let’s start things off!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.10.33 PM
That’s… not a particularly close one

This wasn’t related to anything in particular when I posted it; I was just curious. I knew who the winner would be, but the percentages really wowed me. I did not expect that hard of a blowout.

To start this one off, folks were SURE to let me know what they thought of Twitter’s limitation to just four options! @MGnPpodcast said, “Honorable mention. I count him as part of MCU. Keaton’s Vulture.“; @BoldandBr4sh asked, “Do you mind if I say Ultron?“, @aubree_elise16 pretty emphatically wanted to know, “WHY ISNT LOKI AN OPTION“, and @SpiritGuildBook replied with just a GIF of Ronin the Accuser. @LordSerperior12 had them all beat with just a little less than a dissertation, though: “Pretty sure I’m in the minority, but my favorite villain is Ultron. He seemed truly threatening to the Avengers, and was a threat of their own making. He was the true beginning of the Civil War. If Ultron hadn’t been there, the Avengers wouldn’t have been disassembled. Without Ultron (and later Zemo pushing them over the edge), The Avengers would have still been a team, and could have possibly stopped Thanos before he was able to do anything. But because he was there, Sokovia happened, the accords were created and the Avengers were finished. Ultron, while obviously not the main reason, is a major reason as to why Thanos won in Infinity War. That’s why I like him. He caused the true defeat of the Avengers. Ultron is, in my opinion, the best villain in the MCU.

Damn, someone likes their James Spader!

Credit to all of you with your support for the Great Unnamed MCU Foes, but again… Twitter limits me to four options for a poll, and I went with who I thought were the strongest candidates. I hated leaving off some of those choices myself!

Thanos may have been the runaway, but the most of the others did get some love! @zerocomicbooks offered that “Fisk’s quiet rage is the best“. @Captain_Hangry countered, “David Tennant as Kilgrave was one of the best casting decisions ever“. Our own editor, @eclarsonbooks, linked to an article about Killmonger in support of him. We think you all for your vocal support of your losing causes, and I, too, love all three of them. Mostly Kilgrave. and Fisk’s Good Samaritan speech in season one of Daredevil.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.29.03 PM
Who wants to come in first, anyway?

This poll was a response to our 8/3/18 Bonus Show episode where we drafted X-Men teams. I came in a ridiculous 2nd place, which is silly because my team was clearly the best and had Jubilee. Still, we had a lot of fun with this show, and we will absolutely go back to the well on this idea over and over. Congrats to frequent guest star J.A. Scott for his winning roster, even though he took Rachel Summers with the second overall pick? What kind of team did I lose to here?! I had Wolverine! I hear all the cool kids love Wolverine!

At least Andy came in last. He picked Havok first. That’s even worse than Rachel Summers!

Hot on the heels of the aforementioned draft, we asked you what teams we should draft next…

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.36.37 PM

This was actually closer than I thought because HERE is where I was expecting the Thanos-esque blowout. But there was relatively even support throughout. @imdbjourney commented “I’ll say avengers since I know a bit more about them than Justice League“. And that’s fair (there are also more relevant Avengers for a deep draft than the JLA where, once you get past ten picks, is really scrap diving).

I really wanted to do the All-Female team. I may still see to it that we do that NEXT, but Avengers will be up immediately thereafter. Or not! We’ll see what Chad and Andy say.

Andy is hesitant to go back to the draft idea as early-and-often as I’d like because he thinks there aren’t enough good teams to draft, but I think… why limit ourselves to actual teams? All-female team. All-alien team. All-black-heroes team. All-Marvel/DC-villains team. All-People-With-A-Color-In-Their-Name-team. The choices are… well, not endless. That would be dumb to say. But plenty! The choices are plenty!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 9.03.32 PM
Eh, I’m calling it by TKO in the last round

This one disappointed me. NOT because of the victor because HAHA obviously the right decade won. No, I’m disappointed because after 50 or 60 votes or so, it was almost 70/30, which is the appropriate margin of victory. 54% to 46%? That’s not even super decisive.

Oddly, the comments were almost universally pro-90’s, and I can only assume that is because those folks knew deep in their soul that they were wrong, and they were trying to convince themselves. @OVTrueCrime said “I gotta say 90s purely because of how much hip hop grew and how hard so many of the songs went.@RecastingPod offered up, “90’s, without a doubt. It’s not even close. Now if you were talking movies, that’s a different story.“. Ethan Larson was back again to say “Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Wu-Tang, Busta, Mobb Deep, Missy, Em, Snoop, the Chronic, [Duncan Shiek] Yeah, 90s wins“.

At least we had @InvasionRemake with SOME sense when they noted “There’s no good answer to that question! Both had some great music and both had some pretty crap music too!”.

No one has countered my point that Grunge is awful garbage-people music, and “Jeremy” is maybe the worst song ever written. “And he hit me with a SUPRIIIIiiiiIIIIIiiiiiSE left!” Get the hell out of here, song, you’re drunk. Go back to music school.

Anyway, that’s all of our recent polls as of this writing (though this won’t publish for several days, and maybe I’ll go post another right now…). I have had some fun with some of these, especially with the music question, but seriously, HUGE thank you’s out to everyone who voted, retweeted, and commented! You’re the best for taking part in our silly arguments and random thoughts, and we greatly appreciate it. We hope to hear more from you going forward!

Until next time… take care!


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