Pop-Tart Quest: Week 3


HAVING BARELY SCRAPED THE FROSTED SURFACE, YOUR BREAKFAST WARRIOR AND HIS INSATIABLE APPETITE RETURNS! THIS… IS POP-TART QUEST! Deep in the heart of the Amazonian wilderness, entrenched so far into the darkest rain forests that society is less than a distant rumor, there lives many creatures that few mortal men […]

Show 9.25.18: Mad Sweets


Andy Larson and Rob Stewart are joined by their wives, Nicole & Amanda, as they talk about why Stew hates breakfast food, why Stephen Hawking and Salt ‘n Peppa would make decent real life Avengers, and the ladies try to name as many superheroes as they can in the first ever GotS drinking game!

Plus, we got the Harley Quinn origin story “Mad Love” as our read pile so stick around for that!

Choose your Own Adventure!

GhostAndy 1

I have to say that one of the best things about being a Dad and having young kids is that you often times get to re-experience the things you loved as a kid through their eyes. These things are sometimes obvious, when you are a geek even more so. My […]

Pop-Tart Quest: Week 2


WITH THE NIGHTMARES WROUGHT OF CHOCOLATE CHIP GOODNESS BEHIND HIM, YOUR HERO RETURNS WITH ANOTHER STEP INTO THE SEEMINGLY ENDLESS JOURNEY OF DELICOUSNESS! THIS… IS POP-TART QUEST! Sometimes in life–just sometimes–one thinks “I could really go for a Popped Tart-like Treat. But which way to go? There are fruit tarts, […]

Serialized Cartooning

GhostAndy 1

Hey gang of four! Anyone worth a salt knows that I really don’t watch a lot of TV shows. Well I’ll amend that statement. I don’t watch a lot of live action TV shows. Truthfully, I watch maybe one TV show at a time, often not starting another until I […]

Stew’s Reviews: Batgirl of Burnside


Welcome back once again to Stew’s Reviews, your weekly source of completely random comic book reviews. As always, I’m your host, Rob Stewart, bringing you my thoughts on another title you may or may not care about! That’s pretty generic. Huh. Well whatever, I don’t really have a particularly noteworthy […]