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Oftentimes when I post polls on Twitter, I do so with the ultimate intention of “shouting out” some of our best responses on an episode of our podcast. BUT! We tend to record weeks in advance of when our shows are actually published, so I feel like it would be so untimely to do that. Also, we get into meandering nonsense when we gather together, and after an hour has passed, I have forgotten to squeeze in any mention of our polls. I’m a bad Twitter friend, I know.

Still though… we appreciate the effort folks on Twitter go through in bringing us their opinions on things. And I want to make the equal-but-opposite effort to point out when they have assisted us with a poll, whether by voting or commenting on it. So I have started this semi-regular series where I post our most recent polls results!

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This is the worst intro ever. Let’s just get into it…

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.21.37 AM

I saw this one coming a mile away, but it seemed worth postulating to the people! We’re basically asking people to vote between one of the most popular, well-known characters of all time… or a barely-referenced grouping of that character’s subplot machines. So honestly, with the supporting cast taking a surprising 43% of the vote, I’mma go ahead and call this one a win. I thought we were going to be looking at 75/25 or worse when it was all said and done. And hell, even Chad technically agrees with me; go listen to the episode in question: Chad’s defense is basically “Batman is so boring, he works great as a template!”.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.34.48 AM

Aww, Andy wins so few things on our show; it was nice that you all gave him one here. Poor Chad was right out, as nobody seemed to want to reenact that famous Michael Keaton movie, Multiplicity. Fair enough… we don’t need any Chad dupes running around like the one in that flick that came out a bit… broken.

@manbrain69 even noted “My self-duplication would result in mutually assured destruction“, and @imdbjourney agreed, “Def not self duplication, one of me is enough. The other too are very close, but teleportation wins it by a fraction“. Even @TheArcadeCastle was on board: “Calvin and Hobbes taught me self duplication is a bad idea. Teleportation is risky with the logistics involved. Telekinesis would work in a lot of ways. Let me move all this gold out of this mountainside.” How much gold are you finding in mountains, people!? Only @CinemaMack disagreed and replied “Self-duplication. I could work multiple jobs at once. Pay off my debt, start saving. Then, retire early“, which is an admittedly great take on the idea.

Rounding things out, we had @TjunkiesPodcast referencing The Prestige in a gif and noting “Sometimes teleportation can be “, and @TheSandman8388 noting “Telekinesis all the way“.

Not enough people want to go to the zoo, I guess.


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.43.46 AM

This isn’t drawn from any episode discussion we had; this was just me wondering what kind of a superhero community Twitter would have. It’s hard to think of any comic character who has NEVER joined a team. Some D-listers, maybe. But even Batman and Hulk have found joy in camaraderie over the years. That said, Twitter seems to want to go it alone, and frankly, I think that gets you killed, chums. You need someone to watch your back from, like, lasers and stuff!

@DoubleKKDouble was part of the majority who strove for independence: “Gotta have my freedom to work without the worry of a team or partner…“. @dennisthecynic concurred with a quote from a great movie: “I trend towards going at it alone. ‘One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.’ -Kobayashi, The Usual Suspects“.

@filmtrials and @WurfStoneBorn saw it different, noting “All the greatest super villains get themselves into a team, and then get them to do all the heavy lifting!” and “Teamwork makes the dream work“, respectively. Catchy as heck!

Only @wine_social_pod felt the need for the buddy system! “I’d definitely be a hero with a sidekick. I’d be one of those asshole heros like Jessica Jones though.”


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.51.58 AM

Holy crap, I love this poll! Look at how close that was! Only 9% separated first and last place! At one point late in the voting, it was 26/26/26/22! Captain America had the lead throughout until Flash snuck away with it in the end. I actually kept texting Chad and Andy to tell them to look at how exciting the voting was in this one.

@giantleap4geeks called me out early on by replying “The fact that The Fantastic Four aren’t on bette makes me sad“, and I DO regret that Twitter only gives four options, but I get why they do. Otherwise people (me) would go OUT OF CONTROL with, like, 50 voting choices! I really did want to include Spider-Man and some others here, but I thought the Top 4 were strong, and the voters seemed to agree.

Though he came in last, there was strong vocal support for Batman’ little buddy! @casual_dc said, “I’m gonna say Robin. It’s a true honor to be Batman’s partner. Also, I’m biased“. @eclarsonbooks followed up with “Nightwing. Red Hood. Burt Ward. “. And @roris456 included a Teen Titans gif when noting “How are more people not voting for Robin!!!“.

I didn’t vote, but if I did… I might have gone Green Lantern. But it’s an incredibly hard choice! I respect those percentages, Twitter.

And that’s it for today’s lookback on the polls that were! We here in the Stratosphere Lounge love all the votes and replies, so keep them pouring in! We try to reply on Twitter to as many as we see, and I love giving credit here every few weeks.

Until next time… take care!

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