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Show 9.18.18: Study Hall




 Ring the Bell! School’s back in session, sucka!

The GotS Crew is about to educate you in the ways of comic wisdom!


On this week’s show:

First, the “OG” Ghost Crew of Andy, Rob, and Chad tackle their first ever superhero board game review by schooling us all in the finer points of Munchkin: The Marvel Edition.

Second, the gang lists their top “3” favorite comic series that deal with school or teenagers. Did the X-men make list? What about Archie? Or the Teen Titans? Listen to find out!


  1. Okay- much love for the New Teen Titans & Wolverine and the X-Men mentions. And the Spider-Man stuff getting mentioned a bunch is fitting (I also loved Spider-Man and the X-Men… or as I call it, “Spider-Man/X-Men Villain Team-Up”).

    And yay- found my shout-out! Which consists of just “Hey, none of us have ever read Archie, but we know some of their names” :).

    I could never stand Generation-X, though. I found the characters to either have lame powers (extendable SKIN?) or be WAY TOO POWERFUL (Synch, Jono & especially M were over-powered). The awful M/Penance story, the goofy art, and the fact that most of the characters never ended up mattering to comics ever (most of them spent a second or two on the X-Men, but got totally messed with and then forgotten)… it seems like a lamer version of The New Mutants.

    You all never mentioning The New Mutants (until the bit at the end) makes me sad. That was a HUGE “Teen Hero” book, and probably the best representation of what teens are actually like in comics. SOOOOOO many books make it like “Sweet Valley High” or “let’s all go to the mall and SHOP!”, and here were these intense, secretive, messed-up kids who were utterly confused about their place in the world. So many great personalities in that book.

    • Yeah, this episode was definitely an eye opener for me in that as I was compiling my list of favorites, I realized that there were some major gaps in my comic book read history. Your assessment of New Mutants is spot on and I make a personal pledge to cover a New Mutants book on one of my read piles here at the site in the upcoming weeks.

      As host as well, I now think it’s increasing apparent we need to cover some Archie comics actually on the show so be looking out for that before years end.

      Thanks for the comments! We really do love this stuff from our listeners!

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