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Show 10.2.18: Filled with Rage




Get Ready to pop those claws, gang!

The Ghosts are about to hit you with both comic book barrels with this week’s new episode!



On this week’s show:

First, Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, Chad Smith, and JA Scott do a read pile review of “Old Man Logan” by Mark Millar. Is it as good as the “Logan” movie? We shall see…

Second, The gang tackles another team building exercise as they assign Lantern rings to worthy members of the Marvel Universe? Who will be Marvel’s Green Lantern? Listen to this show to hear the results!


  1. I am way (way!) behind, regarding your audio entrys @ this blog. Now i have to skip a few and hear this first, because i HAVE to know which Marvel Characters earn a lantern ring in your opinion. If they would actually fuse such rings with the MU, i´d really like to see Rick Jones wear one. Let´s see what you have to say about it. Will hear this thing in tonight… (always wanted such a damn ring for myself, i admit!)

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