A Witch for my Halloween

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Happy Halloween, everyone! Instead of filling your interweb screens with tales of ghouls n’ ghosts and other crushingly hard Capcom games, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about one of my favorite babes in the universe: My wife and occasional GotS panelist, Nicole Larson.


Yes, that scored me some cheap brownie points with the Mrs. but it’s also fitting as last Halloween she went dressed as one of my other favorite babes in the universe: Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch.

It was a fantastic costume that really incorporated those gypsy aspects of her character over the years as well as not being too revealing or overtly sexualized aka skin tight. Yes, I’ll admit that it is a bit busty in showing off her girls, but c’mon it is still a comic book related costume, so there has to be some titillation.

Plus, I painstakingly molded the signature head piece for her out of PVC which was no easy task given the melted plastic and burnt fingers from having to use a heat gun to slowly bend and form the headpiece so it perfectly mold to her head. It’s that headpiece which I really wish they had somehow incorporated into the costume the current MCU Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen, has had since her first appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Looking a bit chesty herself, I think I could have posted this picture of Elizabeth Olsen in full on hex mode as the Boobs for your Wednesday entry and also got some cheap pops. All kidding aside though, I understood at the time what Marvel is trying to do with normalizing sometimes outrageous superhero attire and making it work in the “real world” but still remember crying foul over the lack of the headpiece or at least a cape.  Instead, we got a Scarlet Witch outfit that I’m sure scored highly with the “squee” heavy nerd girls that would watch these films, since most wear the goth/hot topic/hold over from 90s grunge attire.

I was much more happy with the aristocratic coat look she got under the Russo brothers in both Civil War and Infinity War. It was much more European looking with a definite flair that played well with more modern Scarlet Witch costumes we have seen the in the comics. Still though, would it have killed you to give her a tiara or something that would have played homage to the iconic headpiece?

However, it’s not so much the costume that makes me worried when it comes to the recently announced Scarlet Witch Netflix style TV show which will air on the Disney Play streaming services in 2019.  I’m still concerned about the semi established MCU notion that her super power is telekinesis, not the hex/chaos magic ability.

Yes, I realize that they have also in some way tied it directly to the Infinity Gem, but I feel like changing her power in this way transforms her into somewhat of a low rent Jean Gray, and has the possibility of eliminating any chance they could tie her story into the more mystic aspects of the Marvel Universe ala Dr. Strange in a possible TV series. And for me, I hope they don’t short change her in this way. Sure, I understand that Scarlet Witch’s exact power set has fluctuated wildly over the past 50 years, but now that in the comics it’s more settled on the ability to manipulate chaos energy, I think that they could adequately explain that to a mass audience.


Definitely Maybe.

Don’t look at me like that. It wouldn’t be that hard and it’s sort of a big deal.

Yes, I am fired up about it, because other than Vision, Scarlet Witch is my second favorite Avenger out there. I think she’s essential to the story of the Avengers and if used right, ranks up there with the rest of the heavy hitters like Thor and Iron Man. She was the one that defeated Dormammu in the classic Avengers/Defenders War of the 1970s. Resurrected Wonder Man from the dead in Kurt Busiek’s run. Even recently, it was Scarlet Witch who stood up to uber douche bag Cyclops and his motley crew of cronies when they gained the Phoenix force powers.


And yet for many years in the mid 2000s, like her former husband The Vision, the character was shit upon by the likes of Bendis and others, taking her from a solid likable cornerstone and crafting her into some completely unhinged manic depressive who gets manipulated way too easy for some with her experience and cunning. I think that’s why I was such a fan of the most recent series starring her like Avengers vs. X-men and Uncanny Avengers.

They show a Scarlet Witch who is still wrestling with personal demons, which is fine for any hero to do. But at the same time, they make her fully capable and ready to go toe to toe with any powerhouse that might need their hash settled. That’s a strong female character, brother. That’s what the Avengers demand of one of their core members. The ability to deal with Earth greatest threats without blinking an eye, with style, flair, and the utmost seriousness.

Plus, although it wasn’t as great, the fairly recent Scarlet Witch series written by James Robinson really cemented her as one of the big guns when it comes to magical and occult dealings on the planet Earth. I fear that regardless of how powerful Infinity War might have made her powers, if they are just pumped up rejects of the film Chronicle, it becomes harder and harder to think that we aren’t going to be served up a heaping helping of crap packaged up to appear like a shallow shadow of the Scarlet Witch we should have got.

Sure, maybe, I’m jumping the gun. Maybe I should sit back and relax a bit and see how this plays out. But as Homer Simpson said in the classic comic book centric episode “I am Furious (Yellow)”:

“I’m just passionate, like all us greeks”

Of course, he then proceeds to punch the cat several times, but I digress.

I am passionate about Marvel getting some of my favorite characters right on screen, because they have done such a good job so far. Plus, if they are going to make me shell out 9.95 a month just to watch this Scarlet Witch series, it better be damn good, and I feel like without the mystic elements, that severely limits their opinions.

If it takes me ranting and raving like some loon off his meds, so be it. I’ll take that one for the team. Scarlet Witch is well worth it.



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