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Show 12.4.18: Animated Feature




Sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know!

And we know comic books and cartoons, folks!

It’s our bread ‘n butta!


On this week’s show:

The Ghosts of the Stratosphere spend the entire show on one topic: the Top 10 Greatest Animated Series based on Comic Books! Which of your favorites made our list??? Listen on to find out!

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  1. Pretty interesting list you got there guys. Never watched a lot of cartoons, so i missed out on the most of ones you have mentioned. But as a liflelong Spider-Man Fan, of course i loved the classic Spidey Cartoons as well and i can totally agree with Batman the animated Series – which i absolutely loved too.

    After hearing your show, perhaps i give “Earth Mightiest” a try. I think they got it on Netflix – and who doesn´t love some good Avengers tales.

    I am wondering why HBO´s Spawn doesn´t have make it on your list. This was one of the few cartoon shows, i really ate up. The artwork was fine and the more mature approach was something different – at least for the time it was made, and it was very true to the comic book. I hold it in good memorys and would definitly pick up a blu ray edition, if there just where one…

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