Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real

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Hey Folks! Welcome back to Dinner DJ as I spin another great record for your enjoyment! So grab a cold one, sit a spell, and let me elaborate on some of the fantastic music out there that you should take a couple moments and check out for yourself!

As I finally sit down to write this installment for Dinner DJ,  I’m reminded of the first time I saw this band live in concert. It was at Farm Aid 2017 in Burgettstown, Pa. where Lucas Nelson and Promise of the Real played an early set at his father Willie Nelson’s annual benefit for American farmers. I gotta say it was a pleasant surprise, and I quite enjoyed their set. However when we were later in the evening gifted again with the opportunity to see them play as the backing band for Uncle Neil Young, that’s when I got really curious about what made this group of musicians tick.

As a result, I did a little research on this hot little backing band that Neil Young had. It was there that I came to find out they have been his backing band since 2015 and have recorded his last four albums with him. No wonder I thought they had such chemistry during their set together!

They have also opened for Nelson’s father, Willie Nelson, the late great B.B. King, plus acted as a backing band for former CCR legend, John Fogerty on his 2012 tour.

However, most recently  Lucas Nelson co-produced the music for the mega hit movie “A Star is Born” which was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture. Not only that, but you may not know that Lucas Nelson and Promise of the Real also played the part of Bradley Cooper’s backup band in the film. Talk about an impressive resume to say the least!

Now that I’ve gotten you all some background on who these fellas are, let’s get to a review of the actual album I’ve picked for this article: the 2017 self titled release of Lucas Nelson and Promise of the Real.

At first listen, it is undeniable that he is his father’s son. Having such a famous musician father has a definite influence especially on the song Just Outside of Austin which brings back distinct memories for me of the tune Uncloudy Day by Willie Nelson.  In fact, here’s a recording of it where he’s playing with his dear old pappy.

Other great tunes on the album include Find Yourself which reminds me of Chris Stapleton. The arrangement and tone of the song bring me back to a simpler time. It’s like it’s 1985 and I’m riding with my dad in his old Chevy pickup going hunting or fishing, but the songs coming out of the radio are Chris Stapleton and Lukas Nelson.

There is a definite Johnny Cash influence on the the song  Four Letter Word which the driving bass notes and steel guitar hearken to the glory days of the man in Black. Yet the lyrics are honestly anti Johnny Cash who often sang of love with his wife June.

Some other artists that I can hear in the album include Bonnie Rait, Blake Sheldon, Talking Heads, and even a little Queens of the Stone Age just to mention a few.

In closing, I think this is both an incredible band and musician that we have the awesome opportunity to catch on the ground floor as it were given this is the only the beginning of what I think this talented group is capable of. In short, This is a great band to watch well in to the future no matter what your musical tastes might be, because they can cover most all of them.

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