Show 12.11.18: Fisherman’s Blueplex

GhostAndy 2

Is there a chance for wrestling talk on this week’s episode of your comic book podcast? Only your ring announcer knows for sure! On this week’s show: The Ghosts are joined again by our head editor, E.C. Larson, as they tackle another round of comic book current events! From Vemon’s […]

Pop-Tart Quest Week 14


WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR BREAKFAST BARBARIAN, HE WAS… YOU KNOW… EATING POP-TARTS. OBVIOUSLY. BOY, THIS IS REALLY SIMPLISTIC WHEN YOU THINK OF IT. THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! I live by a theory that you can clearly delineate foods by breaking them into two lists: Foods That Are Better Than […]

Bonus Show 12.7.18: The NewlyGhost Game

GhostAndy 3

The Ghosts welcome back our newlywed rookie couple Zach and Ashley, for some good ol’ fashioned couples comic book fun!

First, there’s a rookie read pile of that famous New Teen Titans story “The Judas Contract.

Second, the newlyweds square off against of veteran married couples of Andy & Nicole and Rob & Amanda in a our version of that classic 70s game show, The NewlyGhost Game!