Show 12.31.19: Decade’s End


  It’s the End of the 2010s! Are you ready for another decade of GotS!?! …I think I need another drink… On this week’s show: The Ghosts finish off the 2019 season with a brand new experiment in their weekly read piles: Completing an entire run over the course of […]

CRT: Top 5 New Writers of the Last Decade!


Hey kids! One of my coolest finds flipping through the dollar bins of recent note was coming across the first issue of Wizard Magazine. I never owned the first issue of Wizard, but I did start reading relatively early. I remember being around for some of the single digit issues […]

Show 12.24.19: GotS Holiday Office Party


  Only Santa works harder than the Ghosts to deliver the goods on Christmas Eve, Folks! On this week’s show: The Ghosts celebrate the holiday season with their annual Comic Book/Pop Culture White Elephant Gift Exchange! Be ready for more gift stealing than the Grinch ever thought possible!