Chad Reads Things: March Book One


Hey kids! Sometimes, comics are important. Sometimes comics are important because they feature the first appearance of an important character or a monumental event. The first appearance of Spider-man or Kraven’s Last Hunt hold special places in the hearts of many fans. Sometimes comics are important for the sake of […]

Pop-Tart Quest Week 20


POP-TARTS ARE FOREVER. POP-TARTS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND. BLOOD POP-TARTS. TWO KARAT POP-TARTS. WAIT, NONE OF THESE SOUND RIGHT. THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! I know I have given Pop-Tarts some crap in the past over flavors like Pink Lemonade, Orange Crush, and A&W Root Beer because drinks aren’t food. […]

Stew Reviews: Chew


I am a picky eater. That alone will cause some consternation with folks. People hate picky eaters like we’re some kind of blight on society. For transparency’s sake: I’ll try almost anything new that I have not eaten before. I don’t have a problem with trying foods, and I eat […]

Show 1.15.19: Guest Starring

GhostAndy 2

First, the Ghosts welcome Patrick Karnash, the fella that named our Ghost mascot and won himself a free t-shirt. Does he know anything about comics? We shall see…

Second, Johnny Ganache from one of our favorite comic podcasts, Pint O’ Comics, joins us to talk his love of Charles Soule books, the criminal price of comics, and tons of other great pop culture stuff!

Pop-Tart Quest Week 19


NO PICTURESQUE FOOD THIS WEEK; WE’RE BACK TO POP-TARTS THAT DO NOT DOUBLE AS FINE ART. THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! More smooshing! Pop-Tarts loves to release things thematically nowadays; they do very few solo releases that I can remember in recent months. The Orange Crush and Root Beer flavors came […]