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How’s it going, kids?

This week, we’re going to take the look at the most recent (and possibly last) 3 ¾ inch action figure offering from Hasbro’s Marvel line: GamerVerse. Last year was a really tough year to be a 3 ¾ fan as far as Mattel and Hasbro are concerned: The Jurassic World line saw two waves for most of the year–and that was the good toyline!

The two versions of Star Wars (super articulated and 70’s style) both choked the toy aisles with their first waves so nothing else really got through until the very end of November. And when it came to super heroes, Mattel, the holder of the DC license, decided to forgo the smaller scale entirely in favor of their six inch line or one and half inch animated guys or the five inch Justice League Action line–pretty much everything except the 4 inch scale.

The cheap cash grab is in the spirit of the character, I guess.

Hasbro rewarded their fans with one set: 5 Deadpools, repainted in different colors, boxed together and sold for the maximum possible msrp. (around $13 a figure). Then, in the final quarter of 2018, the GamerVerse line hit the shelves.

The toys, much like the actual theme of the line itself, are all over the place. There have been four sets: the first of which was released either very early this 2018 or 2017. Iron Man was a repaint and Mega Man was…there. It was OK. I may have misplaced those toys by now, so we’re not going to talk about those.

Let’s look at the most recent sets, which you can find currently hanging on shelves at your local Target or Gamestore or or where-ever you find your Hasbro super-hero toys usually around a $20 price point.

Up first, we’ll look at the Spider-man vs. Mr. Negative set, which is here representing the PS4 Spider-Man game. Spiderman looks like he has a new head sculpt, a new spiderweb accessory, and the most articulated Marvel Universe body style. Ironically enough, it took Hasbro a looooong time to give us a regular Spidey on that body (the Homecoming toy set, to be exact), but that is the saving grace of this figure. If we didn’t have that Spidey, using these resources on this yet another alternative costume would be unforgivable. It’s a great toy, but that costume, sheesh; I have a hard time with that one. The giant white spider and unnecessary swaths of blue seem …. like unnecessary changes to the classic costume. Since they’ve introduced this version in the comics, I’ll happily add it to my Spider-Verse collection knowing that this isn’t my Spider-Man, just another alternate universe option in case I’m tired of the really cool classic version.

If I didn’t have comic versions already, this set would drive me nuts.

Mr. Negative’s body is a repaint of the Marvel Universe Professor X (which is itself a repaint of the GI Joe Movie Destro Exclusive). The head might be new; I’m honestly not sure. It’s chromey-nature keeps distracting me. Suited figures are always welcome, so that’s a plus However, the vest sculpt is difficult to connect cleanly. I may end up getting my knife of Exact Zero and chopping off the vest, or I’ll bust out the craggle and glue that bad boy shut. Still, Mr. Negative is a new character, so that’s nice. I feel like my cobbled together custom from 2 years ago is better, but that’s just me.

Spider-man vs Mr. Negative grade: B. It’s solid, but the costume isn’t for me as far as Spidey goes, and the suit from Mr. Negative doesn’t work the way it should. Hasbro really needs to fix that suit figure if they’re going to keep reusing it. I’d rather have a regular Spidey and the regular Mr. Negative that I made myself years ago. That spider-web accessory is pretty cool, though.

The next set represents Marvel’s Contest of Champions cell-phone game: Civil Warrior vs. The Collector. Apparently, Civil Warrior comes from an alternate Earth where he assumes the mantle of Captain America. I’ve never seen him in the comics and I don’t play the cell phone game, but I think he rates enough because he gets a brand new sculpt. At first I thought it was a repaint of an Iron Man or Titanium Man-style figure, but I can’t place my finger on which toy it could have come from. He also gets a really cool shield that shoots (or blocks which would make more sense) an energy blast.

He’s joined in the set by The Collector, whose figure is a repaint of the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive figure from 2017. It was nice to have this figure made accessible for your everyday fans. Of the three sets, this one brings the most overall to the table, as it’s giving me a new character I don’t have and a character that I do have, but kept sealed in his box because the exclusive packaging seemed too cool to bust up. So now, I get to keep my exclusive cake and have the figure to eat, too. Don’t eat your figures, kids.

The last set was too cool in package to open. This set…makes it nice to have an opener!

They cynic in me would have loved to see Civil Warrior’s resources devoted to a more known character who has yet to get a figure instead of a cell-phone guy, but I’m not going to take that out on this set. It’s not like that tooling couldn’t have gone to a character like Squirrel Girl or Kingpin or Ms. Marvel or Tombstone or Eternity or annybody else instead of some cell phoney jabroni, but whatevs.

Civil Warrior vs. The Collector Grade: A Definitely worth the $20. New character, cool accessories; formerly only available in a big exclusie toy–it’s a win.

The final set represents the Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite game that is available on PC, X-Box 1, and PS4: Black Widow vs. Ryu.

Scarjo Widow is happy to cheer on Jen Aniston Widow! She’ll be there for you, when the fireballs start to pour!

Black Widow is another repaint with a new head-sculpt Black Widow toys have used this body with her Avengers: Assemble figure, followed by her Avengers: The Movie figure, and then it was loaned out to Sharon Carter for a Cap: Civil War figure and Marie Hill for a SHIELD ‘sclusie before coming back to Widow this time around. The thing is, it’s the best body available for female action figures. It has the best range of motion and it can hold a pose distinctly. Widow comes with her gauntlets, two pistols, and a belt with holsters to hold the pistols. It’s a great figure, with the only knock on it being that I’ve already bought it multiple times with different head sculpts. So it’s good, but not necessary. This headsculpt looks like Jennifer Aniston wearing her Rachel haircut to me. That’s cool.

Ryu comes with a modified MU sculpt a lot of new parts: a new headsculpt, gi, calves, and multiple sets of hands! He has fireball hands and closed fists. Speaking of fireballs he comes with a fireball accessory complete with a stand that allows it to happen. It’s really neat, and it smooths over some of the figure flaws. For example, to take advantage of the twisting waist or to do the hurricane kick pose, you have to open up his vest. Also, the leg keeps popping off, so maybe he’s not supposed to be put in those kick poses. He also suffers from the fact he’s not my only version of the character. Jazwares put out a Street Fighter IV line a few years back, and the big bonus of that line: it had other Street Fighter characters to go along with him. Ken, Blanka, Guile, etc. were along for the ride. Their figure quality was poor, and they broke all the time, so it would be nice to have Hasbro actually put out a quality Street Fighter line to go with lonely Ryu here. My Jazwares Ken has 0 feet still attached. I want a Ken with feet.

Hasbro Ryu has a fireball and extra hands. Jazwares Ryu has…other Streetfighters? It’s a toss up!

Black Widow vs. Ryu grade: A- The figures are great quality, the accessories are cool (and many for a Hasbro line that is reluctant to include accessories for the most part)–I just already have other versions of these characters already, so this set wasn’t as exciting as it could have been.

Overall, the Marvel GamerVerse line seems pretty solid: for a tease. It’s nice to add some video game based figures to my collection of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and Arkham Asylum figs.

I guess the Collector wins.

If GamerVerse had a solid 2 year run continuously pumping out toys that I don’t already have, I could see myself loving this line. As it stands, there’s no news on the next figures, but I can hope. It’s cool to get some new additions, and to make some things more readily available. For customs purposes, the Spidey/Negative and Widow/Ryu sets have great custom parts: the best MU male/female bodies; a suit; Ryu’s karate thing that can be used to create all the knockoff Karate Kid and Street Fighter guys–there’s a lot of potential for customs here. I’m glad it’s there as something is better than nothing, but I would much rather have something more substantial to hold onto instead of this, which looks like the teaser for a bunch of different lines that I’m not likely to see soon. Oh, how I would love a dedicated Marvel vs. Capcom line or a line based on the crazy cell phone games. I just don’t see the in the action figure cards. Unless you’ve heard something. Did you hear something?

Until next time,

I’ll remain the guy who is excited to hear if anybody heard something.


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