Comic Books on the Switch?


Hey folks! Andy Larson, here, with more news on interesting things developing over in Nintendo Switch land.

News is today that thanks to a company called Inky Pen, you’ll now by able to use your favorite hand held video game platform to read comic books as well as play massive amounts of Tetris 99.


In a subscription model similar to Comixology Unlimited or Netflix for movies, users will pay 7.99 a month in order to borrow comics from Inky Pen’s library of books and read them on their Switch.

A brief review of many of the books they have to choose from shows that both of the big 2, Marvel and DC, do not have any titles available on this service as of this article. Most of the available titles come from indie comic groups such as Valiant, IDW, and Dark Horse Comics.

However, I did see a several decent books among their selection such as former read pile reviews we’ve done on GotS like Abe Sapian: The Drowning, Afterlife with Archie,  Hellboy: In Hell, Bee Vixens from Mars, Lobster Johnson, and Wrath of the Eternal Warrior.


Overall, I’m not sure the notion of paying 7.99 is worth it for me given I’d rather own the comics I get rather than just borrow them. Plus with the lack of support by the big 2 right now, and not as much detail about upcoming titles that will be added to the service, I’m again unsure about the future of this program. I mean, I’ll be honest, a lot of the titles I saw on the list were available to own through Humble Bundles over the past couple of years, so it’s not as if they are hard to purchase.

Plus, if you have a Comixology subscription, most of these titles are on that service as well, and the major difference is really whether you choose to read them on a E tablet or your phone vs. the Switch.

Image result for comics on an tablet

But then again, in this world where convenience is king, there could be some comic book fans that say “Hey, if I’ve already got a Switch in my hands why am I going to pick up another device to read my comics” and if that’s your argument, then this is definitely something to look into.

Currently there is no free trial program like there is with Comixology, but the website allows you the ability to browse the titles before you sign up so you can see exactly what would be available before you purchase.

Check them out at their website below if you are interested!

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