In Defense Of The Humble Versus Segment


Who would win in a fight? Superman or Goku? How about the Flash or the Hulk? And who would come out on top if Dr. Doom pitted wits against Brainiac? (Sidenote: “Brainiac” is one of the those names that have existed in comics lore for decades that we all just […]

Show 5.28.19: Stew World Order


We’re playing musical chairs this week with hosting duties! Stew is in Charge! On this week’s show: Rob Stewart takes over hosting duties this week, and the first thing he does is sure to make some of our listeners cry! Why it’s the Top Tear jerker moments from comics, obviously! […]

Pop-Tart Quest Week 27

Not BAMF 2

THIS IS… POP-TART QUEST! UH, THAT IS ALL THIS WEEK. Fruit pies are the worst kind of pies. There are probably people out there that prefer fruit-based pies to, say, cream-centric pies, but I pity them as human beings, I feel sorry for their descendants, and they can not eat […]