Show 5.7.19: Perseverate

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Netflix puts out Comic Book Related shows!

And we don’t review them!

(we review the comics they were based on…)


On this week’s show:

The Ghosts Gals, Nicole & Amanda, guest star on this week’s episode to help the fellas review Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s first series of the Umbrella Academy entitled Apocalypse Suite!

Second, we’ve got weird new hodge podge of a game combining favorite comic book actors/actresses and word clues. Best not to perseverate too much on it, folks, and just give it a listen!

Make sure you come see The Ghosts of the Stratosphere Live this weekend!

May 11th & 12th at the 3 Rivers Con in Pittsburgh PA!

Information on the show can be found by clicking the link below!



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