DC Universe Online Comes to the Switch


It’s an exciting time for comic book fans that happen to own one of the popular hand held video game systems on the market, The Nintendo Switch.

Not only do we have the upcoming release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 to look forward to this summer, but recently news has surfaced that fans of the other “Big 2” comic book publishers, DC Comics, will have their own multiplayer video game to play.

News has recently surfaced that Daybreak Games will be porting the massively successful MMORPG starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest to the Switch this summer. Yes, friends, you will now be able to play DC Universe Online while you are waiting for your next flight, sipping coffee at your favorite barista, or sitting on your back porch telling yourself you should mow that grass, but it’s just way too hot.

First released back in 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, DC Universe Online has an interesting history over the years. However, for someone that spent many years playing another super-hero related MMORPG in City of Heroes, the game is pretty much a DC version of that same game.

Players create a brand new original character that basically interacts with the iconic heroes and villains of DC Comics instead of playing as the actual characters themselves like in the Ultimate Alliance/Marvel Heroes franchise. Players get choose to choose their alignment (whether Hero or Villain), gender, customize body type and personality as well as the more important super power attributes such as whether they carry a huge ass sword, have crushing mental powers, or neck breaking super speed. Of course, then comes the actual costume and looks development, which I must say is pretty robust even for the free play version, with a lot of options for some snazzy looks.

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Once created, the player’s character is hurled into the world of DC Universe Online which is pretty much a huge open world sandbox as is normal from most MMORPGs. I do know that Daybreak Games that develops this game for WB Games tries their best to make the game as interactive as possible offering things like endgame progression for higher level characters, but ultimately sometimes it plays like every other MMORPG with the constant mission grinds for XP.

However, the opportunity to have your own custom character be made an official member of the Justice League and fight Gorilla Grodd along side The Flash is what brings comic book fans to the table, especially if you are in Camp DC. Plus Daybreak is extremely good at actively updating the game in the nearly 10 years since launch and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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Just in the past year alone, the game company introduced a variety of updates such as the Justice League Dark expansion this past March based on Peter Milligan’s more supernatural take on a the premier super hero team of that universe. Other recent ones also included Atlantis, which came out prior the Aqua Man movie and Teen Titans: Judas Contract which came out last July.

However, porting to the Switch I feel is an incredibly smart move despite the game already being available to Nintendo’s competitors in the PS4 and Xbox One. As I mentioned earlier, one of the major advantages of the Switch is its portability and like smart phone games, the ability to pick up and play a couple missions while waiting for the subway for example, is incredibly tempting.

MMORPGs are almost built for occasional yet sustained play and with the fact that it’s free to play, with a possible subscription model or micro-transactions for those that don’t want to wait for more content, you have a really great game that you can start playing for your Switch the moment it’s out of the box.


Overall, if you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty excited about this opportunity and will definitely be picking up my copy once it’s released this summer. More to come with a possible review once I get knee deep into playing it though!


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