Chad Likes Wasting Money: NECA Superhero $6.99 Blind Bag Review!

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Hi kids!

So we all have our vices that we have to deal with. Some struggle with heavy addictions like drugs or alcohol or gambling or sex or rock and roll. Some have to repeatedly suffer the consequences of the dumb stuff we say out loud, and some, like me, suffer one of the most terrible vices of all…I love wasting my hard earned money on goofy crap!

Last year, I fell headfirst into the loot-crate debacle, twice, and I’ll be honest; I enjoyed it. Eventually reasonable heads prevailed, and I stopped the company from continuing to charge my credit card, but still, it was fun. The mail is fun. Getting rando Bill and Ted picture frames and Ant-man T-shirts is fun.

There’s something to be said for the blind box/blind bag phenomenon. It’s definitely a form of gambling, but with much dumber stakes. Sure, on roulette you can win more dollars with your dollars; here, you win things like a ninja turtle vinyl magnet set. More recently for me (thanks in small part to John Ganache from Pint ‘O Comics), I found myself buying Batman: Black and White mini figure statues. They’re blind bagged, and you can find them for between $4-$5 apiece.

Batman: Black & White Walmart-Mostly-Exclusives!

I’ll admit, I caught the fever. I kept telling myself it was ok because I could check the bags before opening them to make sure didn’t buy any doubles. I’d just get the ones I wanted. They are neat little statues. That fever stuck until I accidentally pulled a double…and then a triple. I guess the Amanda Conner Batman felt like the Dick Sprang Batman in my mind. I never did get the Sprang, but 3 Conners told me it was time to stop. One, I accidentally broke because I left it in my car, the other I painted with sharpies to make it different, and then I looked at what I had left. What am I going to do with any of these? I don’t know. They’re statues. They aren’t even articulated like toys. They have all the cheapness of toys but with all the limited mobility of statues. Yay?

Batman:Black & White, now with Sharpie-colored-variant!

Still, they’re fun.

Best to not let logic or better sense stand in the way!

So there I was at my local Target this week, when I passed by a NECA Superhero blind bag for $6.99! Hoo doggy! Look at that bag.

It’s a thing of beauty, of promise, of … I don’t know. It’s all wrapped up! Generic stereotypical comic fonts promised a bag full of excitement. Even the back of the package guaranteed that this wouldn’t just be $7 bag o’ crapola–it would be a $7 bag of crapola PACKED with over $20 worth of toys and collectibles! For $6.99!

Nowhere does it mention any specifics! What fun!

This is it, kids–the best part–the antici—— – – – –   – – – – -pation.

So I bought this, for you, my dear readers. And depending on what’s inside, maybe my kiddos or maybe the next unlucky person I draw at the Ghosts of the Stratosphere White Elephant Holiday party next year. If I’m still invited ;-).

So the basic premise here is lesser than the lootcrate experience in that these items are basically overstock packed in a fun way to clearance out inventory. I feel like lootcrate works hard to get some exclusives into their boxes that add a level of worth to their product.

But this product is much cheaper. And at Target! No mail-waiting! No subscription models! Just a case-by-case poor financial decision awaits. What fun! Plus, NECA, much like Funko, has a ton of awesome licenses, and they make interesting stuff.

Coincidentally, before I open the bag, I’ve heard that NECA is also putting out $10 bags as well. That’s cool if there’s lots and lots of cool stuff in it, but I will say the $7 price tag is a sweet spot. It’s just cheap enough that I couldn’t think of much else I would be missing out on if I wasted $7 smackers. Maybe a second lunch.  Once you cross that $10 threshold, I start to see other things that I could put that money towards. But not 7! 7’s the key number here. 7 chimpunks twirling on a branch, eating lots of sunflowers on my uncle’s ranch. You know that old nursery rhyme…from the sea! 

Are you back yet? It’s clearly bree time now, baby. Get your gorganzola outta here!

Ok. enough anticipation. Let’s do this. What’s in the bag?

Up first, a Wolverine Scaler–basically a headphone wire hanger-onner. This is a good start. This bad boy is a $5 value right off the bat!

Who wouldn’t want razor-sharp adamantiam dangling near the neck region?

I don’t think I would buy this irl, but as a grab bag item, I’m really happy with it. Wolverine is cool, and I’ve always wanted to make headphone wires or lanyards more cumbersome. Now I’ve got just the thing!

Next is a package with 2 Batman Vs. Superman Hubsnaps! I don’t know what these things are. Better open ‘em up and investigate. They could be worthless, or they could be… well, I’m betting on worthless. Unless they’re like fake quarters I could flip to help me decide my future poor financial decisions!

Ooh, that’s exactly what they are! And I got good ones, too.

Eisenberg had the same look when he saw his agent post-filming B v S!

One Batfleck, and one SuperBats logo! And a Bald Jessie Eisenberg card. The card is getting tossed, but if kiddo doesn’t want these decision makers, they’re going into the desk at work! Batflek head wins! Huzzah! I will value this pack at $1 dollar! I bet it retails for $2-3.

Next, a Marvel dog tag!

I got an Abnett/Lanning Guardians of the Galaxy one! Another win! My daughter is always pulling at my wife’s jewelry. Now I can have cheaply made jewelry to call my own to both keep her distracted and teach her about Rocket Racoon at the same time! Similar to the Hubsnaps, I’m betting these dogtags retail for $2-3 dollars.

Finally, the big draw of the bag–the plushie!

DVD is just for scale and denial of the plushie’s true origin purposes.

It’s a Batman v. Superman Armored Batman! Or we’ll just pretend it’s a Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Plushie Batman! I could easily see this guy retailing for $10 or over. Plushies are weirdly expensive. This one measures about 8 inches tall–and can be found on Amazon for $7 if you really really want him.

So, when it comes down to it, do I feel like my $7 grab-bag was a good deal? Yeah, I do.

All this for just $6.99?!? Ok, I guess.

Do I think it hit the over $20 retail value? That’s debatable. Based on my estimations, I’d say it’s between a $18-$21 original retail value, and that’s pretty close. I didn’t feel cheated for $7. Heck, I was downright excited with some of the draws as I like GoTG, and I’m one of the few who will miss Batflek. So check your local Targets if you’d like to get in on the fun, and let me know what you manage to pull from your bags ‘o’ previously unsold crapola collectible awesomeness.

Until next time, I’ll remain simultaneously mystified and suckered in by the blind-bag phenomenon!


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