Show 6.25.19: Pint Patrol

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At Ghosts of the Stratosphere, we’re not afraid to poach good talent from other comic book podcasts!


On this week’s show:

The Ghosts are joined for the entire show by guest co ghost, Johnny Ganache, from the podcast Pint O’ Comics!

First, they tackle a read pile of the first trade of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol series “Crawling from the Wreckage”. Is it as good as the DC Streaming Service show that they recently made? Listen to find out!

Second, the gang play a brand new game in which they mash up different comic book characters together into brand new amalgamations! Which ones will be the worthy of starring in the next comic you might see on the stands?

Click here for bonus material featuring Johnny Ganache’s first guest appearance on the show!



Click here to check out the Pint O’ Comics website!



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