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IMG_4733Hey everyone! Andy Larson, here! It’s summertime now officially, and with it comes plenty of lazy summer days that are perfect for catching up on so many things that we have put off throughout the year.

…Oh who am I kidding?!? I still don’t have time for any of this stuff!

I have podcasts to edit! I have blogs like this one to write! Most importantly, I’m the Dad of two young kids! Gosh knows I’ll just end up spending the entire summer playing Pokemon cards  or watching the Lego Movie for the 67th time. Yes, Bulbasaur can beat Chris Pratt in a fight, kids. It’s true!

However, if there’s one think I am, it’s a Type “A” self starter and part of that curse is that I come up with long lists of things I have “TO DO” and then basically get no sleep until each one is crossed off. So be prepared, folks, I foresee many a “Insomniac Cult Movie Theater” entries coming in the near future as the stress of my pretend deadlines for summer catch ups eats away at my soul…slowly.

So with today’s article, I’m going to quickly headline 10 things that I will attempt to accomplish before summer’s end, most of which have a decidedly pop culture bent, so in naming them, I might give some of my loyal readers ideas for great things they should check out this summer as well (perhaps more successfully given they might have a lot more time than I.)

But before I get to my list, I wanted to give a shout out to my main squeeze, the Mary Jane Watson to my Spider-man, the giver of the most important “To Do” lists out there, the infamous “Honey Do” list, my wonderful wife, Nicole Larson.

Today is her birthday, and once again I couldn’t be happier that I get to celebrate another year with “Mrs. Ghost with Most”. I mean, look at this picture and tell me that isn’t a woman I should give all my love and devotion too:


As they say quite often: “That’s the woman you marry”

So let’s all raise a glass Ghost Nation to our charming Comic Bookworm, Nicole Larson! You are the best, babe! I couldn’t imagine my life without you!

Anyways, with that business out of the way, again, let’s get to the first half of my list of “Ten things I will do before the end of summer 2019”

10. Replace Parts of my Desktop Computer

I know. I know. Way to start off an article and alienate most of your audience by discussing how you need to buy a new motherboard to speed up your ancient computing machine. You might as well talk about how you need to replace your gutter guards, or reshingle your roof. Nobody cares about this!

However, for that tiny fraction of people that do, I do need to get some upgraded components to the old “Computer Tower of Crushing Death” or CTCD for short. It’s been a long time coming as it’s been 5 years since I first had GotS rookie, Zach Josebeck help me hand build the sucker. And finally it’s starting to show up wear and tear.

Image result for fallout 4 glitches

Fallout 4 finally stuttered and glitched to the point that it was unplayable (probably because I modded the game up the wazoo, but whatever). The editing software for our promos crashes at times, and now I’ve even noticed that Audacity which we use to record the almighty podcast has been hiccuping.

Now it could be because my computer is choked with invisible malware from all the porn I’ve watched, but I doubt it’s just that all by itself. So it’s time for an upgrade! All new processor, ram, solid state drives, the works. Hey, when you have a good buddy that knows how to built desktops as well as Zach Josebeck, you gotta take full advantage of that!

9. Beat Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Finally, I think it’s time to enter “End Game”, and it’s awful sad that it’s happening. I can honestly say that BotW is probably one of the top 10 best video games I’ve played ever, and trust me I’ve played a ton.

Unlike Skyrim or Fallout, BotW has never got boring or repetitive and has a solid challenging difficulty that always keeps the game interesting. The other games you could get to a point where you entered almost “God Mode” where there was no threat that couldn’t be overcome, no beast too difficult to slay, even blood thristy dragons would bow to your incredible might.

However, it seems like the opposite happens with BotW, where as the more powerful you get, the game seems to meet that before upping the ante and continuing to demand the most of you.

Related image

Plus with so many easter eggs, places to explore, secrets to reveal, and mini quests to conquer all kissed with that unmistakable Zelda lore and expert craft, its a world you never want to leave.

But after almost 2 years of playing this game, I stopped putting off defeating Vah Rudania, the final Divine Beast on my hit list, and now my eyes are squarely fixed on defeating Ganon once and for all. It’s so bittersweet that I can almost taste it…I don’t want it be over. I hate endings….

…I could defeat all 120 shrines first. I still have about half to go…perhaps…

8. Binge all the available seasons of the CW’s Flash

Ah, the DC Arrowverse on the CW. From what I’ve heard, it’s everything the movie universe should have been: cohesive, well thought out, charming, fun. In short, not “Zack Snyder” esque.

And although some fans have said that some of the shows are starting to get a little long in the tooth after so many seasons and as a result some of cracks in the facade are beginning to show, for those of us that have never watched any of these episodes, these all seem like “future concerns”. For us, it’s time for us to just enjoy the fact we can watch nearly 100+ episodes back to back to back of some fine super hero programming thanks to the fact that Netflix has many of these shows now available to watch.

Sure, as a member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, I would have rather had multiple seasons of the one the characters of my House of Ideas, but that’s just not in the cards right now. So instead its time to dive feet first in the uncharted waters of DC characters I’m not exactly the biggest fans of. Luckily, the Doom Patrol show taught me that there are potentially decent DC Universe TV shows out there, so I’m not as jaded as I might have been a year ago.

So why did I pick “The Flash” to binge watch, you ask? ‘Cause let’s be honest: he’s the most well known super hero in this bunch. You don’t pick the obscure knock off cerael when you can get Frosted Flakes.

Image result for cw flash

Plus, he’s got a great rogues gallery and I like the legacy parts of this continuity with Kid Flash and Jay Garrick and all that. Besides, my co host, Rob Stewart, said the first three seasons were really fantastic.

7. Reread Don Mcgregor’s Black Panther Run

Black Panther, Panther’s Rage is classic bronze age epic that was originally printed in the little known 70s Marvel book “Jungle Action”, and tells the tale of how Black Panther returned to his home country of Wakanda after several years of living in America as a member of the Avengers. Once there he has to deal with an civil war type uprising being led old tribal foe in the now famous arch enemy, Killmonger, who has enlisted a ton of other jungle themed super villains in his army.


This series is note worthy because author Don Mcgregor resisted immense editorial pressure to include all kinds of guest stars in this series, including the Avengers, especially after sales began to dwindle. He did so because he really did want to just tell a Black Panther story exploring the character and the country of Wakanda in much greater detail than had ever appeared before in the pages of a Marvel comic.

Although the series was ultimately cancelled, Mcgregor’s artistic integrity paid off in the end by giving us the first real Black Panther epic, a tightly written multi issue storyline which many fans of the recent Black Panther movie will find extremely relevant.

It’s been about 6 years since I originally read this incredible tale, and what with the Black Panther 2 movie on the horizon, I feel it’s the perfect time to revisit this run which really was one of the first real “graphic novel” type stories ever attempted with a Marvel character.

6. Finally watch the movie “Logan”

Oh my secret shame. Well, I guess it’s not so secret since I’ve admitted it on the podcast several times now that I’ve never seen the movie which many of my fellow Ghosties feel is one of the best comic book films out there.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that I still hold a huge grudge against the “Wolverine” series due to how God Awful Wolverine: Origins was. It’s like someone tricked you into drinking a glass of urine claiming it was Mountain Dew. Then later they actually had Mountain Dew in the same glass and said “Drink this”. That’s how any Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie is to me. Even Logan looks like it’s still a glass of urine, regardless of how many people say it’s not.

Image result for logan movie

Maybe that’s incredibly unfair, but when something sucks that bad despite seeming so good, you naturally build up a taste aversion. However, now that I’m the world famous host of GotS, I feel like I no longer have an excuse why I’ve never seen it. Same thing goes for the Andrew Garfield Spider-man movies and Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern. I can’t call myself a comic book expert and come on the show week after week and talk about comic book movies, if I haven’t seen all of them.

So yeah…I might as well start with one of the good ones, right?

Stay Tuned for the second half of my Summer “To Do” List tomorrow!


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