Thank You, Ghost Nation!


We’re coming up on the second anniversary of, I guess, the mere IDEA of Ghosts of the Stratosphere.

When Andy, Rob Josebeck and I got together at my Halloween party in 2017 and decided to really, truly make a run at making our hobby a real “thing”, I’m not sure what any of us expected long-term. Would we ever be able to carve out the time to record regularly? Would we figure out how podcast hosting sites worked? Would literally anyone ever in the world listen to our inanity? We didn’t have time for questions like that; we were too busy thinking of how enjoyable it would be to supplant semi-regular game night with frequent and scheduled homework!


The last year-plus has been crazy, and full of both challenges and rewards in equal measure. We have already had a wondrously successful table at 3 Rivers Con back in May. We have met dozens upon dozens of other brilliant podcasters from literally all around the globe, and their friendship and advice and cooperation has been invaluable (as has the hours of listening to their great shows). We have a surprising number of followers and subscribers, and that makes me blush to think about.

Also, I’ve had to constantly massage the perpetually bruised egos of Andy and Chad because Jesus… YOU try working with those two divas. There’s always a fire to douse or some drama to defuse. But I really kind of have to keep it all settled because Andy is a brilliant host who controls the show and puts in many times more hours of dedicated work than Chad and I combined, and Chad is both the funny one and the one who knows friggin’ EVERYTHING. If I had their talent, I would be more annoying, too!

The reason for my seemingly-out-of-the-blue gushing over our show is that The Ghosts will not only be attending Wizard World Comic Con this weekend in an official press capacity, but we will be hosting a panel–a live recording of an episode of Ghosts of the Stratosphere!

GotS Wizard
Only Andy looks good in this picture, so of course he uses it for EVERYTHING.

When you are recording a show in the privacy of Andy’s office, it can often feel like yelling at shadows. You may “know” people listen, but it’s hard to quantify it in your head. But to record a show with a live studio audience… that feels special. People are going to gather around to watch us be idiots in person! And don’t worry… we have audience participation lined up, so they don’t think they can get away with just sitting there. Think of some of the games we play on our show and imagine that, but with folks yelling at us. How cool is that?

The idea of doing a live recording has been the typical Ghost experience, just magnified. There have been disagreements about what to do and how to do it, and it was all very touch-and-go as we argued over what the show should be (and, to a larger scale, what WE should be). But compromise abounds, and eventually everything gets stacked for the greater good of the show, and we are ready to go.

Image result for the greater good

That’s all I really have this week. I’m just excited, I guess. I hope the panel is a success, and more importantly, I hope it makes for a fantastic show when we air it. And to think that we’re even in a situation where a convention would offer us a spot to do this at their venue is just so damn rad. And it’s all because of me!

I mean you. It’s all because of you. You guys keep us going, and we hope you’ll let us keep making shows and keep writing articles and keep covering conventions for years to come.

But seriously. Chad and Andy are like god damn Kardashians to work with.

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