Wizard World Pittsburgh 2019!


We were off to see the Wizards!

Hey kids,

Just a quick update to relay our experience from this past weekend’s Wizard World Pittsburgh Comic Convention. The Ghosts of the Stratosphere were extended a gracious hand from the folks at Wizard World, which we gladly accepted (as press!) to see what the show was all about. We even had the opportunity to take our podcast on the road and perform inside the lovely David L. Lawrence Convention Center!


The show itself was a nice chance to catch up on all the stuff that I love about conventions: neat stuff, folks in costumes, and the best part… cheap comic books! That’s right. There’s something for everyone at these conventions.

Yours truly spent quite a bit of our time finding great deals on trades and gems in the dollar issue bins at the show.

Andy really loved the conversations he was able to strike up with friends we saw at the show (and familiar faces from a few other shows, too).

Stew really enjoyed a fancy milkshake at the restaurant in the hotel attached to the convention center! Something for everyone! We didn’t even approach the celebrity autographs or tattoo stations or chances to get pictures in mysterious machines straight from the cartoons.

We actually did some press-stuff, too, as we scored interviews with some local talents like Mikey Wood and Angela Oddling, as they’re both taking part in an interesting collaboration that we’ll be hearing more about in the coming days and weeks after they launch officially.

We touched base with Don Simpson and got to see a sneak peak at some exciting stuff he has planned (it’s Crazy!) and some things he’s working to get scheduled in (two words: Thanos Copter).

We even had the chance to sit down with veteran inker Wayne Faucher for an upcoming episode of GotS where we’ll be highlighting some of the great interviews we’ve had with some of those fantastic talents in the comic book industry.

This week the Stratosphere Lounge is in a much larger room!

Our podcast got special placement as the last panel of the night Friday–so we could MAIN EVENT Wizard World!

You’ll actually be able to hear the show we recorded tomorrow in your regular podcast feeds. Some of our interviews we’ll be posting with our regular blend of comics, games, and nonsense down the road.

A slide from the slide show. That’s right. We had visual aids! Awww yeah!!!

So thank you to the folks at Wizard World for inviting us in; we appreciate these opportunities to touch base with friends old and new, and we hope to see everybody out on the convention floor in the future.

Seriously, these cons have something for everyone. There was a panel for the show Supernatural. A giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was hanging out. Kato Kalen was there for autographs.There was a manga library. Who needs that? I probably don’t. But somebody might, so I’m glad it’s out there.

We did it! High five!


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Only on the GotS podcast! Tomorrow! 7.30.19!



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