Movie Review: Knives Out


Remember a few weeks ago when we posted our Top Ten Flicks of the 2010’s? I probably should have had us wait until December to do that. I say that because on 12/15, I finally got around to seeing Rian Johnson’s modern update on the throwback whodunnit mystery genre, Knives […]

Show 12.17.19: 2nd Annual GotS Comic Quizarama


Get Ready for Another Trivia Night at the Stratosphere Lounge! The Ghosts are about go Game Show Ga-Ga with their annual Comic Book Quizarama! On this week’s show: Nicole Larson hosts our second annual GotS Comic Quizarama! See your favorite Ghost celebrities: Andy Larson, Rob Stewart, and Chad Smith as […]

Show 12.10.19: Ghosts of X


  We were going to sing the 90s X-Men Cartoon Theme Song for all our fans in honor of this week’s episode. But music copyright is a bitch. On this week’s show: With the upcoming hardback collection in comic shops now, The Ghosts finally tackle one of the most talked […]