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img_6312 Hey folks! Andy Larson here, the host with the most of the Ghosts of the Stratosphere podcast and clubhouse chairman of the ever increasing online community devoted to all things comic book and pop culture, Ghost Nation.

Yes, that’s the name we give around the GotS offices here to any of our Ghostie fans that have come to love our unique brand of humor and critical analysis surrounding all those wonderful things from our past that we as a species cling to so vehemently as to not get dragged down in the worries of the everyday world. Important things like worrying about the inevitable pandemic of coronavirus take a backseat here at to more manageable discussion points like Why Superman wears his underwear outside his pants or what were the best video games released in the past 10 years.

In fact, some of our recent “Top 10” list debates have spurred such strong feeling among our regular readers, that some just needed to contact us with their opinions in hopes of sharing in this ongoing discussion. Such is the case with a fella named Jeremy, who contacted us recently with his list of the best video games that were released from 2010 on wards.

As I’ve often said on both the show and publicly on social media, the Ghosts are all about giving our fans a voice and if they are willing to write us some entertaining content for free, I’m all about giving them a forum to speak. For those of you listening at home, please keep in mind the “free” part as that detail is very important (we barely make enough money with this to keep the lights on most days).

However, given Jeremy was happy to send us his thoughts for the low cost of nothing, I have no problem publishing them here as part of hopefully a brand new series of articles called “In Fan Response”!

So without further ado, let’s turn it over to Jeremy and hear what he thinks are the best video games released in the past decade!



Hello, I’m Jeremy and I’m new to writing articles here. I’m a gamer, not a professional gamer, but video games have played a large part of my life. From the NES through the current PS4 (and anxiously awaiting the PlayStation 5), I’ve had a pretty good education in video games. I currently only have a PlayStation 4 and have been a loyal Sony gamer since the original PlayStation came out many years ago.

Anyways, Chad and Rob inspired me to come up with my own games of the past decade. As I said above, I’m a Sony guy, so these will all be from (and available on) the PlayStation 3 or 4.


10. Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Remastered)




This is a classic.

Long did I believe that this would be as close as we came to a true “Ghostbusters 3”. Though now, with the announcement of the new sequel/reboot “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” my hopes are rehightened and hoping to be much more satisfied than the Melissa McCarthy attempt. (It wasn’t terrible, but just not really “Ghostbusters”)

In the game, you play as a newbie to the guys team. You venture around a great story and very familiar locations to capture ghosts (many of whom we’ve seen before), and unravel a mystery. The remastered version is just as great as the original, the visual updates are worth the upgrade, especially if you’re like me and no longer have the original version.


9. Shadow of the Tomb Raider




Tomb Raider has been a franchise that has its highs and extreme lows. It seems like the current development team has their ducks in a row and know how to do this story justice. “

Shadow of the Tomb Raider” is the game that fans have been waiting for. Its dark, moody, gritty, dirty, and beautifully done. It’s what you’d expect in an “Indiana Jones” style adventure. This game is challenging. You’ll die. A lot. But its fun and engaging enough to keep you coming back to explore the story.


8. Elder Scrolls Online





I’m a huge RPG fan. Like, 90% of what I play is Role Playing. The Elder Scrolls series on the various consoles over the years have provided hundreds, even thousands, of hours of play time. Then came MMO. I’m not an Internet gamer. I don’t care for MMO style games.

Yet, The Elder Scrolls Online offers you the chance to adventure around the ever-growing world and dive deeper into the stories of the games as well as an impossible number of new quests. Plus, you can do most things solo. A huge win for me. Definitely recommend giving this one a shot.



 7. Dragon Quest 11




My first role playing game experience was the original Dragon Warrior (quest) game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a free give away with a subscription to Nintendo Power Magazine. My cousin and I played this game for hours. We finished it and then continued to play it to continue leveling up our character.

The series has been iffy on whether they are released stateside or not, so I haven’t played all of them. DQ 11 is a fantastic addition to the series, and it has a great story to keep you engaged through the many hours of story. Definitely recommend checking it out and perhaps, reliving some of your childhood.



6. Final Fantasy 15




Here we go. Final Fantasy. Love it or hate it, it’s a hugely successful franchise that isn’t going away. Really, as long as they keep pumping out creative fantasy stories for it, I’ll keep coming back. FF15 was a huge title in the series, and yet it didn’t see the success that was expected. I loved it!

I loved the massive amount of additional content that was (and is) being released for it. The main story is great, then the expansions add in a lot of backstory that really clears up some of the main story.


5. Persona 5




Persona 5 is one of the best games to be put out on the PlayStation 4.

After a lackluster Persona 4, number 5 was definitely worth the wait. It’s a traditional Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) where you control a cast of characters through their daily school lives as well as an evening filled with adventures into the Shadow Realm. The daily life stuff may sound like its a bore to fill gaps between action, but really it is as engaging as the dark action itself.

Its a fun and worthwhile play, and very long, so you know you’ll get your money’s worth. The new edition, “Persona 5 Royal” is coming stateside at the end of March 2020.


4. Batman: The Telltale Series




Telltale (may the studio rest in peace) has a unique formula for presenting a storyline that completely engages the player even though you don’t REALLY “play” the game. Its more of a “choose your own adventure” style game. And, boy, do the write a great Batman story arc! There are 2 games in the Batman saga, “Batman: The TellTale Series” and “Batman: The Enemy Within”.

Both stories link up, therefore choices you make in the first 5 chapters of game 1, affect the story in the second 5 chapters featured in the second game. It’s a great game for both Batman and general comics fans alike.



 3. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim




I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you why this title made my list. Skyrim is fantastic. It’s won basically every gaming award out there. I bought it on both the PS3 and the PS4. It feels like its endless. Quests, adventures, side stories, exploration, etc can easily keep a gamer involved in the world of Skyrim for literally hundreds of hours.

I don’t think I can write anything else about it, because everything has already BEEN written about it.


2. Cat Quest



Another great role playing game is Cat Quest (and now Cat Quest 2). It takes everything that you love about an RPG and fills it with adorable cat characters. It’s super fun and addictive. I played through the entire game and got 100% complete in, like, 2-3 days of buying the game.

I’m sure you will love this game if you love both RPGs and Internet cat videos. I cant wait to play part 2, the only thing stopping me is…


1. Stardew Valley




Stardew Valley is one of those games that has such a simple idea that you would never think it would be entertaining, and it makes it so much fun and so addictive that you will have trouble forcing yourself to stop playing.

Its a farming game, but it also has RPG elements (leveling up character, buildings, tools, fighting monsters, finding treasures), it has romantic elements (woo your mate) make townspeople like you, become friends with everyone in the valley for maximum rewards.

Super simple, care for your crops and animals, care for your fellow neighbors, and you will become the star of Stardew Valley.


img_6312 And that’s it folks! Thanks again to Jeremy for sending along this terrific article and sharing his thoughts on the best video games of the past decade with all our fans here at Ghosts of the Stratosphere.

Again, if you feel you got what it takes to hang with the Ghosts and want to share some of your thoughts on comics, video games, movies, TV, music, or pop culture with our growing community of fans, just drop us a line at either or by clicking on the “Contact us” link located in the top menu of our website.

We’ll definitely review what you have to say and if we think the rest of Ghost Nation will enjoy hearing your thoughts, we’ll print it in an upcoming “In Fan Response” segment.

I for one look forward to getting some more great articles from Jeremy in future, and if you agree, leave some comments below!

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