Jab’s Reviews: Hercules


HERCULES (1997) Written by: Ron Clements, John Musker & Barry Johnson Ahhhhh HERCULES. This one’s a funny one for me, because at the time I HATED IT, largely due to the bastardization of Greek Mythology (it’s easier to define what they got RIGHT than what they got WRONG, and basically it’s […]

Show 7.28.20: SDCC @ Ghosts

GhostAndy 1

On this week’s show: The Ghosts have all your news from SDCC @Home this Year!  From Marvel news, to DC Comics, to the Eisner Award winners, Walking Dead, New Mutants and more, we got your round up from what was the biggest virtual Comic Con we’ve seen!     Click […]

Stew’s Nuzlocke Journey: Chapter 2!

Not BAMF 2

PREVIOUSLY ON STEW’S NUZLOCKE JOURNEY: I started out my first ever Randomizer Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge on generation four’s remake of generation two’s Pokemon Silver, Pokemon SoulSilver. It’s confusing. I started off with a Piplup the Penguin with solid defensive ability and named him Marc-Andre. In a generation that is a […]

The Old Guard – Movie Review


The Old Guard: LADY HIGHLANDER   Charlize Theron is really becoming one of the go-to action stars of Hollywood. She’s a good actress, has some moves, and she has those “I will murder you” eyes. She is America’s favorite Sexy Kung Fu Fighting Giraffe.  You can rely on her to […]