Show 7.7.20: Halloween in July!

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On this week’s show:

The Ghosts of the Stratosphere bring you two semi horror-esque read pile reviews on this week sure to get you in the Halloween spirit…several months early.

First up, we take a trip to the Dark Tower with the Marvel adaptation of the classic chapter from Stephen King’s Gunslinger entitled “The Battle of Tull”.

Second we step into an alternate universe filled with DC Super Heroic Zombies with Tom Taylor’s DCeased!





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2 thoughts on “Show 7.7.20: Halloween in July!

  1. You guys need to have an intervention for Ethan about his continuity death-grip.

    See, okay…Here’s the thing.

    Compartmentalize your brain. The events of this book DO matter. They matter in context of this book. They matter very much.

    No…It doesn’t matter to the mainstream DC titles because it’s not supposed to. That’s ONE area of your brain. This is another. Don’t let them leak over into each other because they don’t need to.

    Just enjoy things. Just enjoy them. Once you stop giving a damn about continuity your enjoyment level will increase exponentially. I promise.

    God, almighty, I love this show.

    1. Yeah, continuity is a rough thing for some to let go of. I agree with Chad though that really these What If stories are the only ones in which they let characters die so you get emotional gut punches you can’t get elsewhere.

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