Marvel Universe Trading Cards Series 1 (1990) from Impel, Part 1!

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Hi folks!

It’s your regularly scheduled Chad article. The thing is, it’s the summer time, and I need a break. So instead of another long-winded article, I’m going to share something a friend of mine recently shared with me: the first Marvel Universe trading card set!

I had collected my own set back in the day the hard way, pack by pack and the occasional lunch-table trade. I’m pretty sure I had the holograms, too, but they’re trapped in the attic of my dear ole ma and pa and if I try to retrieve them, my parents will make me take the rest of the stuff I’ve stashed up there. I don’t want that.

But my buddy Mike was helping one of his friends clean out a house and they came across this card set. Mike’s friend let him have the set (along with a few others!) and Mike thought of me. He handed me this binder of fairly well-kept but also well-loved cards. They’re not mint, but they are well organized. You can see where the original owner checked things off on the checklist card!

There’s a lot to see here from the time I first became a fan of mighty Marvel. They brought me a lot of joy just flipping through the binder, so that’s what I’m going to share with you today. I’ll do the first half of the set this week, and the second half will show up next Sunday. Flip through, or scroll down as is the case, and enjoy!

I’m going on break, so I know I will!

The second half of the set hits next Sunday! Until then, enjoy your summer!

2 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Trading Cards Series 1 (1990) from Impel, Part 1!

  1. Cool! I loved these cards! Fun fact: I met the Marvel editor behind them at a Comic Con recently, and asked him about them. He took credit for the Power Ratings on the later series, and when I asked him how they came up with the Win/Loss records on these ones, he just said “We made them up!”, lol.

    1. Do you mean nobody really counted Aunt May’s 984 pies baked or 23 life-threatening illnesses recovered from? Ha!

      Seriously, that’s my answer for every “who is stronger” argument: whoever the writer makes up as stronger that day!

      If even the sacred resource of trading card statistics can be fudged, there is no set answer.

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