CSPwT: Spider-Ham Rip N Go Review! Or 7 Easy Steps for Preparing Your Own Comic-Style Spider-Ham!


Remember Into the Spider-verse? That was awesome!

That movie brought several super-Spiders into the spotlight in a fresh way that somehow worked perfectly despite (or maybe because of) its ridiculous premise.

As an action figure fan and the Chad behind these ‘Chad Still Plays with Toys’ articles, Spider-verse showing all of those radioactive spider-bites (and one radioactive pig one!) really made me vulnerable to the bite of customizing action figures again. My kiddo and I left the theater and went straight to work customizing a Spider-Gwen (or Spider-Woman or Ghost Spider). It was lots of fun.

Click to see how Gwen came to be!

Still, my action figure Spider-squad had to suffer a bobble-head stand in. The only articulated Spider-Ham I knew of was the 6 inch scale and too big to fit on my squad. Scoring the Funko Mystery Mini Spider-Ham was a challenge unto itself.

Relive the Ham-handed tale from 2 years ago!

And so that’s how the squad remained, until I stumbled upon this beauty hidden in the wrong shelf at Target: Rip N Go Spider-Ham!

So that’s where this week’s tale really begins. I’ve decided to go a more pictorial route, so be forewarned!

I couldn’t resist some little piggy humor.

Spider-Ham cost between the $10-11 range. It’s a toy that’s so fun, I almost didn’t want to tear its head off. But I did!

It’s totally worth it for the comic Ham head!

It sounds like more work than it is. It’s just a head swap.
Tada!!! That’s all folks!

Until next time, friendly neighborhood spider-fans, I wish you luck finding and making your own Spider-Hams!

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