Journey into Madness; Episode One


Lovecraft Country Episode 1: Sundown The first step into Madness     This review/analysis contains spoilers for HBO’s new series “Lovecraft Country; Episode 01: Sundown”   I have to admit, ever since I saw the first trailer for “Lovecraft Country” I have been anxiously awaiting it to start. I even […]

Scarlet Street (1945)

The final film I’ll be reviewing from the huge Columbia Noir Collection over on The Criterion Channel is a rather interesting picture called “Scarlet Street”. Released in 1945, and directed by the legendary Fritz Lang, It’s a tale of love and loss, youth and wisdom, and a cruel trick played […]

“My Name is Julia Ross” (1945)

The next classic in The Criterion Channel’s Columbia Noir collection, “My Name is Julia Ross” plays out more like a serious episode of “Scooby-Doo” than a serious noir style film. It’s quite enjoyable, the film is paced just right to keep you glued to the screen the entire runtime. The […]

The Champ (1931)

Today on Ghosts of the Criterion Collection, we take a look at the 1931 classic from King Vidor on MGM Pictures, “The Champ”. I picked this one to coincide with this week’s episode of the Ghosts of the Stratosphere podcast in which they discuss the classic Daredevil epic  “Born Again”, […]

Blind Alley (1939)

Hello fellow paranormal followers! My name is Jeremy, and the head Ghosts have deemed me worthy to contribute to this grand ghostly site of comics and various forms of entertainment! I’m a passionate Criterion Collection collector, definitely a cinephile as well as an audiophile. I like to be able to […]