Stew’s Nuzlocke Journey: Chapter 9!


PREVIOUSLY ON STEW’S NUZLOCKE JOURNEY: Despite a temper tantrum from the eighth gym leader, Clair, I was able to finish the Pokemon League Gym Challenge! I had the eight badges I needed to challenge for the title of regional champion! Or, at least, Assistant To The Regional Champion. Professor Elm […]

Stew’s Nuzlocke Journey: Chapter 8!

Not BAMF 1

PREVIOUSLY ON STEW’S NUZLOCKE JOURNEY: We took a trip back to the 1960’s because apparently RADIO STATIONS were super important for a hot minute. After procuring our seventh badge against Pryce and his Antarctic gym, I received a call from the basic radio demographic (an old person) to tell me […]

SummerSlam 2020 Ratings & Review


Welcome… to… the… TECHNODROME! Wait, that’s not right. But no, the WWE used its brand new Thunderdome set up for its 2020 SummerSlam event, giving fans the ability to stream their way into attendance. It’s… weird. Maybe I’ll come around on it, but I’m not convinced it will better than […]