Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon SuperS #159-162


Sailor Moon: Saving the world and interfering in the love-life of a child, all in the same episode! Welcome back! When last we left off, Pegasus revealed that he’s actually Helios, the guardian of the Dream World, where all of mankind’s dreams reside. And he resembles a young-ish boy, making […]

Stew’s Nuzlocke Journey: Chapter 9!


PREVIOUSLY ON STEW’S NUZLOCKE JOURNEY: Despite a temper tantrum from the eighth gym leader, Clair, I was able to finish the Pokemon League Gym Challenge! I had the eight badges I needed to challenge for the title of regional champion! Or, at least, Assistant To The Regional Champion. Professor Elm […]

AEW ALL OUT 2020: Are You In?


Tony Schiavone, Good Ol’ JR, and Excalibur are on commentary tonight as AEW kicks off their second PPV of the Epidemic Era. AEW has pulled through a few weeks of relatively boring episodes of Dynamite in late July and August, to finish with some really strong go home shows before […]