Show 6.2.20: Space Monkey


  Wonder Twin Powers! Activate! Take the Form of An Amusing Comic Book Related Podcast! On this week’s show: The Ghosts tackle another cartoon show adaptation written by Mark Russell with the recent 12 issue series about The Wonder Twins from the Superfriends show! On the second half, it’s another […]

Show 5.19.20: Street Fighters

GhostAndy 1

  The Ghosts are Taking it to the Streets! Dark and Edgy! Just a little pavement-y too!   On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere create a Top 10 list of the Greatest Street Level Super Heroes of All Time in REAL TIME! Listen to every debate, every […]

Show 5.12.20: Super Women!


  We can’t live without these terrific female superheroes! So much so, we are going to fight over them! On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere have another of their super hero team drafts! This time we are trying to put together the best comic book series with […]

Stew’s Reviews: Firestorm


I don’t tend to review a lot of older books for this column, I know. It’s not entirely a conscious choice. Historically, when I have reviewed books from before, say, the 1990’s, they don’t typically get the attention that books from that era onward do. And I am a man […]

Show 4.28.20: The GotS Game Night


  On Ghosts of the Stratosphere, we make our rookies fight for our amusement! We are a barbaric lot, aren’t we?!? On this week’s show: It’s Game night on GotS, as the Ghosts welcome on both of the Josebeck brothers for a rookie battle for supremacy featuring game show type […]

Why The Best Comic Characters Resonate So Well


Some of the most memorable and fascinating characters in all of fiction were first created for comic books. The last decade-plus of movie ticket sales can more than substantiate that. But even before cinematic effects caught up with the way these larger-than-life heroes deserved to be presented, you are still […]

Guest Spot on Pint O’ Comics!


Need more Ghosts of the Stratosphere Goodness? Recently, the Ghosts of the Stratosphere’s very own, Rob Stewart, filmed a comic book review with frequent podcast guest, Johnny Ganache, for his Pint O’ Comics Youtube channel! Check out the video below for a review of DC Comics “Superman Unchained” from their […]