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Category: Indie Comics

Stew’s Reviews: Cyberforce

I’ve previously made my love of Savage Dragon pretty well known when I reviewed that title, but that was just one of the many books thrust out into the world […]

Retro Game Reviews: PRIMAL RAGE

Hey, everyone! This is Andy Larson, and I’m once again joined by my frequent blogging partner on some of these video game reviews, Jabroniville, as we once again embark down […]

Comic Bookworm: May Bookshelf

So, ‘ya know, sometimes I read things but don’t have time to write a whole blog about them. So, I won’t. But I will give a little peek into what […]

Comic Bookworm: Asterios Polyp

Hello. My name is Nicole. And I am a procrastinator. I may be, ahem, several years out of college and many years past high school but I am suddenly feeling the anxiety […]

Andy’s Read Pile: BPRD 1948

If you haven’t guessed already, it’s time for Andy’s obligatory Hellboy post given all the week we’ve been discussing the bad ass devil spawn superhero thanks in large part to […]