Bonus Show 12.6.19: End of the Freebies


  This is the Final Free Bonus Episode, Folks! Lap Up that “Free”ness while you can! On this week’s show: With our upcoming Patreon set to start soon, The Ghosts deliver one last free bonus show for all the fans to close out 2019! First, Ethan Larson joins us for […]

Show 11.19.19: Stewless

GhostAndy 1

  What do you do when you are down a Robert Stewart on this week’s show? Have tons of interviews with great comic book folks, of course! On this week’s show: With Our “Ideas Man”, Rob Stewart, off this week, Andy and Chad have to fend for themselves in coming […]

Stew’s Reviews: Secret Empire


Let’s be honest. You’ve already seen the book that I am reviewing and the score I’ve given it, so you’re already thinking “Explain yourself, Stew!”. So I won’t meander on too much here; let’s just get to it. TITLE: Secret Empire Writer and Artist: Nick Spencer and, like, 38 artists.  […]

CRT: Silver Surfer: Black


Hey kids! Around this time last year, I was finishing my time with Marvel’s Infinity Wars storyline. That story began in the Gerry Duggan Guardians of the Galaxy series, which I really enjoyed. Then Guardians folded to make way for the countdown miniseries, which led to the Infinity Wars mini, […]