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Category: comic books

Comic Bookworm: Asterios Polyp

Hello. My name is Nicole. And I am a procrastinator. I may be, ahem, several years out of college and many years past high school but I am suddenly feeling the anxiety […]

Do You Remember: The Hangmen?

The Hangmen are so beautifully Jobber-y. DC is quite lacking in memorable Jobbers, often creating sub-par “serious” villains that are nonetheless recurring (most of Wonder Woman’s Rogues Gallery is like […]

Stew’s Reviews: Black Cat

Haha, I am way too proud of myself for this one, and I have been waiting to pull it off for a while now. Though, to be fair, I’m probably […]

Stew’s Reviews: Black Cat

Boy, it’s a manga issue again already? It feels like I just did one of these, like, 9 volumes ago. TITLE: Black Cat Writer and Artist: Kentaro Yabuki Publisher: Shonen […]