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Category: comic books

DC Universe Online Comes to the Switch

It’s an exciting time for comic book fans that happen to own one of the popular hand held video game systems on the market, The Nintendo Switch. Not only do […]

Andy’s Read Pile: Avengers, No Road Home

Hey Folks! It’s Andy Larson again! Host of that terrific weekly podcast thingie, Ghosts of the Stratosphere, where we sit around and talk about comics and you all pretend you […]

Stew’s Reviews: Return of Superman

I covered the Death of Superman a few months back, and I had previously forgotten that, while it may not be an objectively well-made book, I really did enjoy it. […]

Andy’s Current Favorites: May 2019

As a wise men said, all good things have to come to an end. It’s time to say goodbye… …Scared you didn’t I? I’m sure you read that opening the […]

Comic Bookworm: Asterios Polyp

Hello. My name is Nicole. And I am a procrastinator. I may be, ahem, several years out of college and many years past high school but I am suddenly feeling the anxiety […]

Stew’s Reviews: Generation X (vol 1)

Fifty! See, this is why I number these things; so I can feel irrationally proud of myself for hitting arbitrary milestones. But yep, I have been at this for 50 […]

Do You Remember: The Hangmen?

The Hangmen are so beautifully Jobber-y. DC is quite lacking in memorable Jobbers, often creating sub-par “serious” villains that are nonetheless recurring (most of Wonder Woman’s Rogues Gallery is like […]

Stew’s Reviews: Black Cat

Haha, I am way too proud of myself for this one, and I have been waiting to pull it off for a while now. Though, to be fair, I’m probably […]

The Ghosts Invade Free Comic Book Day!

The Ghosts made their way to their local comic store, Phantom of the Attic, to check out what was available on Free Comic Book Day! Check out their review below! […]