Show 5.12.20: Super Women!


  We can’t live without these terrific female superheroes! So much so, we are going to fight over them! On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere have another of their super hero team drafts! This time we are trying to put together the best comic book series with […]

10 Best Mothers In Fiction

John Amenta

So the Ghosts invited me back for this very timely article, and I’m very happy that they did. You see, the last time we did this and put our articles up for vote as to who’s was best, well, I humbly won. Now, do I expect to win again you […]

Stew’s Reviews: Firestorm


I don’t tend to review a lot of older books for this column, I know. It’s not entirely a conscious choice. Historically, when I have reviewed books from before, say, the 1990’s, they don’t typically get the attention that books from that era onward do. And I am a man […]